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Leaving 11.5mos old for 4 days, bm + goat milk ok?

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So, in a month I'll be leaving my then 11.5mos old baby for a long weekend.

First, I have no idea how much breast milk to leave behind for her. I was guessing 20 oz/day???

And because of her soy and dairy sensitivities, formula isn't an option in case my husband runs out of breastmilk. Do you think supplementing with goat's milk at that point would be okay? I was thinking of replacing a bottle or two a day with the goat's milk.

I tested out the goat's milk on her yesterday, I gave her a few teaspoonfuls and she seemed okay. Her nose was runny, but I don't know if it was the goat milk that caused that.

What would you do?
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Hi! My son is breastfed and is 6 months old. He also drinks about 8 oz of goat's milk a day (while I'm at work, I pump at work but have low supply, so I only can pump about 7 oz in a 6 hour time span...when i get home from work he nurses AND takes down the bottle of pumped milk). He also had issues with cows milk for about the first 3 months so I was not eating any dairy. Personally i think its okay but some people may disagree. I say do what you feel is best! We also add FloraBaby Probiotic Powder and Floradix Children's Vitamin (liquid) to the milk. We bought ours at whole foods and buy a local goat's milk as well. When I am home with him for an entire day he just nurses. Good luck in your decision making!
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I am not able to pump and so I start introducing goats milk for all of my kids around 10 months--this baby a little earlier at almost 9 months. I have never left for an entire day or anything, but I have had no trouble with it. I can't say they are enthused to drink it, but I feel better that I can leave for a short time and know they will be OK with a cup of milk and some banana or whatever. Although I don't think goat's milk would be good if it was their exclusive diet, I think it is totally fine in conjunction with breastmilk and whole foods, especially if it is just for a short time.
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DH's brother was raised on goat's milk. I started all mine on goat's milk, not early, but before cow's milk and they all did great with goat even when they couldn't tolerate cow. I think she'll be fine.
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I would test and give her more goat's milk. The babies I've know who've had it had *severe constipation*

So I would give her about the same serving you would give her before leaving, (you know, like one trial serving) and see how she take it. Otherwise, sounds like a good plan!
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