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Originally Posted by treeoflife3 View Post

I only know how to knit, but I refuse to crochet.  I can't stand how crocheted things look 99% of the time.  I know crocheting is supposed to be easier and faster which would be good for me who isn't good at knitting and really impatient... but I have yet to see anything crocheted I like enough to own so I figure doing it would also be a waste of time haha.

We have a ton of crocheted blankets (from DH's side) and only one I like...which is a very tightly crocheted blanket....so tight it apepars to be knitted.  Just my thing I suppose...I will never crochet.

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Well I've been knitting for a month or so now and I just started knitting on dpns in the round, making some socks.I really like the drape and softness of knitted projects but I'm still crocheting too.  I just started a crocheted bowl (in a square pattern) and literally did the whole 8x8 bottom and one row of the sides in one hour.  No way I could do that in knit!  So each craft has its place, I like both.  I do find that crocheting hurts my hands more but I think it's because my tension is tighter in crochet than when I'm knitting.

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Knitting! Every time I try and crochet all I get is a pile of knots dizzy.gif

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Knitting!  I took a crochet class and can make a decent chain now which has come in useful.  Something about the holes in a crocheted fabric bugs me, though.  I love the variety of knitting and while I know there are real exceptions, crochet often looks so granny to me!  Nor can I imagine a wearing a pair of crocheted socks or a sweater. 

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Right now I like crocheting, but that's because I haven't tried knitting in about 10 years. I think I'll try it again though, since so many seem to love it!
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Originally Posted by marimara View Post

Well I've been knitting for a month or so now and I just started knitting on dpns in the round, making some socks.I really like the drape and softness of knitted projects but I'm still crocheting too.  I just started a crocheted bowl (in a square pattern) and literally did the whole 8x8 bottom and one row of the sides in one hour.  No way I could do that in knit!  So each craft has its place, I like both.  I do find that crocheting hurts my hands more but I think it's because my tension is tighter in crochet than when I'm knitting.


Do you have an easy sock pattern for beginners? I'd love something not too complicated to knit...
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I'm doing these yoga socks http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/yoga-socks-3 w/ Paton Kroy yarn on dpns.  There's no shaping heel or toe so it's pretty easy to focus on learning how to use dpns and knit in the round.  I'll mention that I don't actually like the k1p3 pattern so I switched it up and did 1x1 ribbing on top and bottom and plain stockinette in the middle.

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Cool, thanks! I've knitted a single yoga sock before and it was pretty straightforward. These look great.
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I do both, but I'm in the crew who isn't fond of the look of crocheted items. I've seen maybe 2 or 3 crocheted items ever that I really liked - the rest, as hip as the design might have been - made me think 'granny'. Strangely, one of the items I've liked is a baby afghan my mom made for DS1 when he was born, and you can't get any mroe granny than that! ;) I also have the same trouble a pp mentioned with my hands cramping horribly when I crochet.


For those of you who are intimidated by knitting in the round, it is so worth learning how to do! I actually pass up so many cute projects now, because they are flat knit and I hate, hate, hate piecing everything together. As another poster mentioned, cables really aren't hard, either - they just go a little slower and take up a LOT of yarn. :)

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I definitely prefer to knit.  I tried to teach myself how to crochet a few years ago (I had delusions of grandeur about making a little hat for newborn dd1) and I tried and tried but once it was time for me to turn and go back the other way it was a disaster.  I could make a chain that could wrap around the world though lol.gif


I started knitting about 4 years ago and it just came so naturally for me.  I have made several scarves, a prayer shawl, a pair of fingerless gloves, and a dish towel.  I love bamboo needles.  I'm working on another scarf now and a pair of longies.  Knitting rocks orngbiggrin.gif

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I agree that there is tons more variety with knitting, especially with clothing. And I agree some crochet clothing just looks bulky and not that appealing. But I have made a really great crochet skirt that (I believe) looks very fashionable. And I've also crocheted a top that I really like.  And lastly, I feel certain that crocheted socks are just as lovely as knit ones. In fact I am wearing mine right now and they are by far my most favorite socks over any store bought.


I do get envious sometimes of the variety of knitted stuff. Sometimes it makes me want to go to the other side. lol  But I was a disaster when trying to knit and have found lots of lovely clothing and other things to crochet. I may try knitting again sometime in the future, by my crochet list is very long as it is. thumb.gif

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I'm a hooker for sure!  It just comes more naturally to me.

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Hi, I'm new to MDC, and I just had to check out the yarn crafts forum. This is a really interesting thread! The idea of knitting vs. crocheting gangs cracks me up! I hope knitting in the round went well for you, peainthepod!  winky.gif


Right now, I love me some crochet! I began knitting several years ago, and I began crocheting ten days ago (really!) I have already crocheted two scarves, and now I'm working on a hat. I think the learning curve for crochet is a little less steep than for knitting, as is the skill acquisition (for me, anyway).


Knitting is wonderful, but I feel like I'm not as good at "reading" knit stitches as I am crocheted stitches, if that makes sense. For example, if a few stitches accidentally slide off my knitting needle, it usually takes me a bit to figure out how to get them back on the needle in the proper orientation. On the other hand, since crochet involves one stitch at a time, if I screw up or drop the stitch, it's no big deal. I like that, because my busy lifestyle frequently requires me to drop my work to tend to kids or other obligations. I don't worry as much about my crochet getting messed up or unworkable while I'm away as I do when I set aside my knitting.


Happy knitting and/or crocheting, everyone!


Originally Posted by peainthepod View Post

Thank you for the answers so far! I remember in some "teach yourself to knit!" book I bought early on, there was this rather stern introduction about how knitters and crocheters each have a place in the crafting world and that the book would not be approaching the subject from a place of knitting elitism. That always stuck with me because I just pictured gangs of knitters v. crocheters, needles and hooks threateningly in hand, like the Sharks and the Jets but with yarn.

I really like doing both; in fact, I just splurged on an entire bamboo set in both straight and double-pointed needles, plus one of those modular circular kits. Tonight, I'm going to try and make my first exclusively knit hat. I've never knitted in the round before, so please wish me luck!

joyfulheart, I think crochet might honestly be a lot easier to teach yourself than knitting. The best resource for learning I've found is watching how-to videos over and over again on YouTube. Then just learn the abbreviations and try to do some easy patterns on Ravelry. The best thing about crochet is if you mess up or miss a stitch or miscount or whatever, it's SO EASY to fix. It's an incredibly forgiving craft.


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I've just learnt to crochet properly, it took me so long to work it out! Like, years.


I've been knitting incompetantly since before i remember, and competantly for about 6 years. Can't think of anything I can't do in knitting, with time and patience.


I think, tbh, atm I prefer crochet. its much more of a challenge. I do like the way it CAN look, and I really appreciate how solid single crochet (hmm not sure what you over the pond call that? When you don't wrap first?) is. Have nearly finished making a bag for dd2's birthday-it's going to take, in total, maybe 12 hours, which is just unimaginable for me with knitting. and as a bonus probably won't need lining. I do like the potential in granny squares.


I love the way some modern crafters are using crochet, like here for example http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/crochet/


knitting for me has gotten a bit samey, I seem to spend a lot of time making jumpers, legwarmers, socks, functional stuff, you know?

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I learned both to knit and crochet as a child, but crocheting was more rewarding.  Also, my mom never taught me to cast on knitting, so I couldn't start projects.  They both dropped off for a while and about 9 years ago I picked up knitting again.  I LOVE to make socks!  Made a few things for my new baby as well. Unfortunately I'm not great with gauge, so she'll have to wait a while.  I'm also horrible about not putting on buttons, so at least I have a little time to get my act together!


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I do both! And find pros and cons with either types!


Crochet is really free-form to me, I can just wing the pattern, make it up as I go along and create a beautiful object! I find it's quicker, as well, but some things about it I don't like - such as the way stitches look in a crocheted garment.


With knitting, I really like many of the patterns for garments, because they look very smooth, tailored and elegant. {Which I feel that it is hard to get across with crochet} But knitting is also mathematically rigid and you need to figure out your pattern, gauge and stitch count before you even begin! How complicated!


Of course....there's spinning as well! I looooong for a spinning wheel, ever since I learned how to spin at my friend's house! I even have some roving sitting under my house, awaiting the day I purchase a second hand wheel to practice with!


And one day, I will own an alpaca, sheep and goats, just so I can shear them and spin my own yarn then knit/crochet whatever I please! *dreamy stare into the distance*


(I'm also on Raverly if anyone wants to Friend me! My username is: DragonRhapsody)

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I learned how to knit when I was a teenager I think and so for me, that was easier because I had learned it first.  Then, a few years ago I learned how to knit - a little - from someone. Then, I was in a car wreck and injured my right arm. 

It has never been the same and I have taught myself - via online videos - how to knit continental style and I have found that is easiest on my arm.

Crochet requires more of a twisting motion which hurts my arm more and English style knitting also has a lot of arm movement, but the continental seems to be the easiest for me. 

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I'm a knitter. I crocheted for a while as a kid and dropped it at some point. Learned to knit in college and have done it on and off over the past 7 years, with intense spurts throughout the cold season and usually a random one in the summer. For a while I was pretty much stuck on freeform bulky weight scarves, made a few funky bags that never got lined with fabric, & totally gave up on knitting in the round, cabling, and anything finer than size 9 needles. Then this past year all those things just "clicked" after I got sick of chunky stuff. I picked up those size 7 dpns that had seemed daunting before and made a couple hats & a pair of booties with worsted weight yarn.... I made the jump to sock yarn and size 2s and am still trying to improve my consistency so that socks turn out the same size :P sometimes it would be nice to have a crochet hook to cast on a toe-up sock or to make a cute little brim on a hat, but I haven't justified buying one yet :P

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You guys will find this hilarious - when I got married 20 + years ago, my sister gave us a handmade afghan.  It was gorgeous and just the right size to cuddle under and has held up very well over the years.  One day,I was looking at a scarf my Mom had made and the afghan and thought that I would like to make something to pass on to my kids, an heirloom afghan or something.  I took a class on knitting and absolutely fell in love.  My goal was simply to learn how to make a scarf or a blanket, but I kept taking the classes and recently made a baby sweater!!!!!! It certainly needs a little help, but form improves with practice - I never thought in a million years I could make a sweater, so what a confidence booster!  Anyway, I told my sister that her knitting inspired me to learn and she said, "I didn't knit that afghan, I crocheted it!" and we both laughed so hard!  So as much as I love knitting and will continue, I now want to learn crochet!

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I knit :)  I started to learn crochet but decided I didn't have time for both.

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