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Baby today? Maybe?

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It's pretty silly since this is my second baby and I should be able to figure this out by now, but I think I might be having "real" contractions today? I felt crampy/achy all night (which has been going on sporadically for weeks) but the feeling hasn't gone away even after walking for over an hour and drinking a liter of water. My abdomen is basically staying hard with an intermittent tightening of the lower part of my uterus. Still no loss of mucous plug or bloody show though and I had both before the onset of labor with my daughter.

I'd totally just brush this off, but my first labor was 6 hours total and the first half of it (literally) I only experienced as "menstrual type cramps." I had zero prodromal labor that time though so it seemed very clear that it was the real thing. Now I can't decide and it's driving me crazy. My doulas are 45+ miles away so I'd like to be able to tell them "yes, you should come now" but I'd like a more definite sign first. My main doula doesn't think that I should worry at all about the baby coming "soon" until I actually lose my mucous plug... I hope she's right since they're my daughter's primary "labor support" and I don't want to misjudge the timing and end up having to leave her with a baby sitter (and have her miss the birth) because I did my labor math wrong.

Umm, I guess this is the downside to having a history of fast labors and a relatively high pain tolerance? (Well, I actually don't have that high of a tolerance in general, contractions just seem to be a separate category for me )
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So it was the real deal after all! Have just noticed your post in the birth announcement threads. Congrats and welcome Livia!

Look forward to hearing more when you're up to it
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Congrats welcome baby!
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Thanks, guys! I'll try to type up a real birth story soon. The short version is that I'd decided that the "contractions" were just prodromal labor when they went away for a few hours after drinking a strong infusion of RRL tea in the afternoon. They resumed a few hours later but still seemed pretty insignificant. I drank half a glass of wine at 9:30 and when I went to bed at 10:30 they were pretty much gone... 4 hours later I was half asleep, nursing my older daughter in bed, and my water broke. She was born about 3 hours and 45 minutes later. Um, so this labor was either 6 times longer than my first (which was 6 hours) or only two thirds as long. I think that I'll claim it was the latter and count from when my water broke since I'd already been "contracting" on and off in the same manner for a week or two
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Woohoo! Congrats! Welcome baby!
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Congratulations on your baby!! Yeah, its hard to tell when it really starts when you are already contracting for weeks. But normally, you start counting from when it gets "real" for you. So that is different for every woman. Water breaking is a good reference point. Lol. Enjoy your little bundle!!
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That's a pretty good definition southernmommie. I like it since it lets me claim the shorter labor time
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