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Anyone still in Dubai?

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Hi mamas!

We are a family of six, moving to Dubai in December. This was a short notice thing, so I have two months to cram before we move!
Anyone still living in Dubai? I'd love to pick your brain, and have someone on the other side that I can contact once we're there!
I'm a doula, so I've already connected with the doulas in Dubai. It sounds like the birth ball is starting to roll in Dubai - yea! I'm excited to get there and learn more.
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No, but I'm not too far away and I go up to Dubai once a month for a breastfeeding mums meeting (I'm a breastfeeding counsellor). Feel free to PM me!
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I'm excited to meet you soon, Heba!
Who did you train through for breastfeeding counsellor?
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I trained with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, one of the four UK voluntary orgs supporting breastfeeding. Dubai also has an lll leader, and an increasing no of Mother Supporters/Peer Counsellors as well as a smattering of IBCLCs. There's such a long way to go before Bf support in the community reaches critical mass, though, and unfortunately Bf is so often undermined in hospitals before mama and baby even get home (one of many reasons why doula support is soooooo valuable!)
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