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Prodromal Labor Club

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Me! Lots of contractions around here, but they go a few hours and then fizzle out. I am not due for a couple more weeks, though, and I am sure I have at least another 7-10 days of this, maybe more.
We need chocolate for the party.
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I wrote a post about this the other day and no one responded. I'll have it for like 2 1/2 -3 days and then nothing. I'm hoping that I have this baby within the next 10 days. Hubby leaves if I don't have this baby before he leaves. I don't want that. But I don't want to have the baby by myself either. I normally go through weeks of prebirthing waves. It will come and go. And not braxton hicks either. These are back and front waves. I've been nauseas for the past 2 days off and on. I was slowly losing my plug earlier this week. I'm ready!! Baby may not be though.
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I've been having prodomal contractions every night, at the same time, and they're actually sort of pleasant. They feel like a tightening that's not painful at all. I just sit around and relax through them. Sometimes I time them, until they fizzle out.

They're definitely doing something. I'm due next Tuesday and as of last week I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Then I lost my plug over the weekend. It must have grown back by now.
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38 weeks tomorrow and I've been having this for days now. It's like I go into fake labor every night, even losing sleep from the contractions and discomfort, and then wake up like nothing happened.

Since this afternoon I've been very crampy and uncomfortable and the baby has been firmly locked in the lowest position I can imagine her being in that would still allow me to walk...I mean, waddle. I took a nap earlier, which I never do, but I was so fatigued I couldn't stay awake. My stomach is upset and my bowel just cleared itself after days of constipation (sorry for the TMI) and I lost a chunk of mucus plug. Now I'm sitting here all queasy and wanting to jump out of my skin, and I'm crampy again and am having powerful but irregular contractions. But I know better than to get too excited, because some variation of this has been going on every night for the last week at least.

The thought of going through this every night for possibly the next MONTH makes me want to crawl into bed and never come out again.
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I'm here too in this club. For the over last month I've had contractions and now about every three nights I feel like I'm going into labor with strong mildly painful contractions coming regularly for two hours. I try to avoid timing too, but when they're too much to ignore I get curious. Then I go to bed, which is tough sometimes, and they're gone in the morning. Today is my due date... DD1 was a week late so we'll see how far I go. I start accupuncture next week and have been doing EPO since 37 weeks.
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I guess I'm in the club now too, yesterday I came home in the afternoon & had some bloody show. I have been unusually tired so I tried to lay down, but it is really wierd, I have contractions every time I lay down so I can't get any sleep. We decided to go walk the mall & everything stopped. Later last night though I lost my mucous plug in 2 different swipes & I had contractions ALL NIGHT 15-20 min apart, tried to get some sleep, but every time I'd have one it'd wake me up then of course I get up this morning, take a shower & get moving, other than a little bloody show everything else stopped

Since we are birthing an hour from home though I think we are going to head up to the hotel tonight to be on the safe side. They have a deal where you stay 2 nights & get 1 free so we are gonna plan for the weekend at least & hopefully have this boy & be home by Monday!
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All of that, yes. Anyone know if prodromal labor is more common with later pregnancies than 1st? Because I didn't have any of this the first time, and it's driving me nuts!

And to the poster above me...I think once you have bloody show it's not really prodromal anymore--you're on your way! Good luck!
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Originally Posted by mojobot2000 View Post
All of that, yes. Anyone know if prodromal labor is more common with later pregnancies than 1st? Because I didn't have any of this the first time, and it's driving me nuts!
My midwife says yes. This was the case with my second and appears to be the case with this one, too. She was telling me that many her 2nd/ subsequent moms had 7-10 days of regular long periods of contractions, before labor really took off.
Today has been more than yesterday, contractions about 10-15 minutes apart since this morning. I think I'm going to take it easy this afternoon.
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Supposedly prodromal labor is worse with subsequent pregnancies. Fun. Sigh.

Things felt hopeful earlier today, but as usual, nada.
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Losing lots of mucus plug today and my guts are in turmoil. Plenty of contractions and cramping too. Someone please tell me this is actually doing something even if it isn't actual labor...

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They stopped after about 4 hours.
Peainthepod, I choose to believe that they are doing something. ;-) My second labor was quite short, so I'm hoping for a rerun this time.
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I'm in this club but I don't think my contractions are doing anything now even though they hurt and I'm having them almost every day, sometimes 5 minutes or less apart all day. I only know they aren't the real thing because they don't get more and more painful as time goes on, even though often they are only a few minutes apart, regular and painful. I am guessing they must only be strong enough to get me right to the edge of active labor (where I've been sitting for a few weeks now) and it must take much stronger contractions to get me past the 4cm mark or I'd be in active labor right now.
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I'm in. Its getting frustrating, I get excited that things seem to be taking off, so I make myself go to bed so I'm well rested and poof they're gone . Last night I almost called my mom to come get DD cause they were very strong and my back was killing, but since they hadn't really formed a pattern I decided it was best to wait, good thing woke up at midnight and they were gone. DH has been saying for a week that Sunday night works out best for him; normally I'd scuff at that but he did that with DD and my water broke the day he said worked best for him. Not sure how he did that, but she has always been a daddy's girl.
So fingers crossed for tonight, plus 10/10/10 would be a cool birthday, and tomorrow is my mom's bday so that would be cool too.

PS I have no room to complain, I haven't even hit the 38 week mark yet, but Dr. keeps saying he's coming early and DD was 10 days early, so I'm impatient.
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OK I want to whine again. I'm now having contractions all day, loose stools, contractions at night that wake me up, and back and belly pain. But the strong contractions come and go. I'm not timing because they're definitely not super close together yet but argh. I had these yesterday too and they went away again. I can't even think of what to do for fun other than I'd just like the waiting to be over.

What are you all doing for fun? I needs something good to do this week with DD, otherwise I'm going to go nuts doing this alone with her during the day this week.

I was due last Friday, but DD was a week late too.
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I'd do some simple crafts, which can include a fallen leaf project that you collect on a walk.
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After 3 days of various early labor symptoms, I guess I qualify. Thankfully, my contractions have been mostly painless, and I haven't had much trouble getting rest, especially compared to before this all started (baby is really super low now, so I'm getting next to no heartburn anymore). Most feel pretty mild and ineffective, but I've had a bunch that feel really super stretchy and intense, and have gone from about 1cm to 4 (by my own inexperienced measurement).

The most annoying part is that I keep having incidents that make me think my water broke, but, as far as I can tell, it hasn't. Now we have pH test strips, so hopefully I won't have to go through that again.

This is all strange to me, as my previous two went from "Gee, I feel a little PMSy today" to water broken to baby out in under 24 hours, with none of this not-"real" but not plain BH contraction business either before or after. And I suppose I haven't actually even hit the "Gee, I feel a little PMSy today" point.
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i'll join! i get contractions in the middle of the night, but since i can sleep through them (when i can sleep, that is), they must be nothing. i had a few in the evening a few nights ago, so i timed them, but they were really inconsistent and faded after about 2 hours. and i thought i had one or two this morning. i'm almost 39 weeks and i'd be thrilled to be in labor! but who knows how long this will go on!
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My morning whine: I had hours of contractions 5-10 min. apart last night, accompanied by vomiting, and then everything stopped. I got some sleep, luckily, and now I am off to work.
I'm only 38 weeks, I am happy enough to still be pregnant, but this is getting old! I do think I am dilating (based on TMI indications since Saturday night) so hopefully they are helping.
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