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Baby Pic's Thread

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Show us your baby!
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Melissa - your LO's hair colour is devine

lotusma - I love it when they wake up to the world. Ella is very beautiful
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Haven't uploaded pics in a bit so these are Phinley at 8 days (she is now 13 days)

My silly girl


How we spend alot of our time

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Oh! Thanks for starting this thread I need some baby love while I am still waiting for mine!!
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Bump! Need some more baby squishiness

Lovin all these gorgeous babies
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Beautiful babies!! Can't wait to add my own
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i've been so camera happy using my sister's nikon d60.





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Here are the few I've managed to scrape together for impatient family members so far: http://gallery.me.com/henryjames#100722

And if you really need a baby picture fix, here are some more "newborn" photos that are nearly 3 years old... http://gallery.me.com/henryjames#100611 (I think Livia resembles her sister at the same age?)
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All my pics so far are on my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geek_pa...7625067355800/

Just added a bunch of new ones today.
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Here's Osric at 6 days old


And here's big brother Rowan and I during labor

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Oh yay! What beautiful babies and mamas! It's so fun to see these while waiting for this one to arrive.
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Originally Posted by brokentail View Post

look at those yummy chubby cheeks
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Gorgeous babies Mama's!

Share some more?
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I am bumping this thread with a pic of my gorgeous little man

Ben - 8 days
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