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Ingrid right after she was born

Some from this month
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I've been so wrapped up in babymooning, I've been very bad at keeping up here. BUT, I can't help but share some pics of our sweet Cady.

One day old
Announcement pic
Funny faces (multiple pics in blog post)
Itty Bitties! (multiple pics in blog post)
Content in her wrap

... we are so in love with her!

Mamas, all your little ones are so precious. We've made some very fine looking babes, if I do say so myself!
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wow all these babies are sooo sweet! still amazing that theyre nearly all here!

and they all seem so supremely alert! also we have some kick-ass birth weights! loads of 9+ and 10+ pounders

them all

http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...&id=1699481908 MORNING HAIR aka "the nutty professor"
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Such gorgeous babies! And some of these babies have so much hair! I thought my baby would be born with more since I had a ton of hair at birth, but not so.

Melly, that picture of Ben is so cute!!

Birth day

3 days old

6 days old (mini photo shoot)



3 weeks old

1 month!

Naomi is 5 weeks old today!
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I love all the beautiful baby pics; they're gorgeous. And so true, Corban's Mum, a lot of full-size, full-term babies abounding. I can't wait to meet mine!!!
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not long now shea! awww maybej look at her little chubby cheeks! *swoon*
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What gorgeous babies! All the cheeks, chubby arms, smiles and cuddles! I love it! Keep 'em coming, mamas!
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so sad oct is slipping away! who woulda ever thought...

after 4 boys, she looks so feminine to me here.

my sis and neice stopping by

my 14 yo, Jonah and Ella
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Aww, they're all so cute! I uploaded some more today- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...&id=1313738387
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Love all the babies!

My little cutie on her 1-month birthday!:

almost smiling:

making a raspberry:
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awww look at finn's pouty kissy-lips!!

more babies please chop chop!!
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I'm a little paranoid about online privacy, but if any of my fellow DDC-ers want the link to my little guy's picture album, send me a PM and I'd be happy to give it to you. Trust me, he's super cute!
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oh maybej! shes lovely her pout! gorgeous full lips
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Originally Posted by Katri'smama View Post
and the curls!
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Yessssss.....it's good to be a mom
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Originally Posted by Katri'smama View Post

she almost has as much hair as madison! but it's blonde! that's adoooorable! good looking babies i tells ya!
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Another lover of the the curly hair!

My little Beatles fan.

Oh how I love her angel face.
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