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Monarchgrrl - cute headband, and cute girl! 


Dressing Naomi up in some retro knitwear (made by her great grandma for her aunts)...Naomi will be 3 months old on Christmas!  I think at 3 months old is when I'll start stating her age in months instead of weeks (3 months, 3.5 months, 4 months)  It's almost hard to believe it's been 3 months!





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oh my goodness amanda, naomi is to adorable in her retro wear!

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Here are some Christmas pics.







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Thanks blue butterfly!


Monarchgrrl - Sophia looks stunning in red! 

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MaybeJ those knits are beautiful!


Monarchgrrl - Sophia is soooooo cute!! 


Here's Ben at 9 weeks old. I'm amazed at how well he can hold his head up for. DD couldn't do this for months, but she hated being on her tummy (Ben sleeps on his tummy too duck.gif)




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OMG, I love the vintage knits, MaybeJ!!


Monarch, Sophia is such a darling!  I love her hair bow!  We have the same Santa hat/socks combo, but the socks don't fit her.  Teehee.


Melly, what a big boy holding up his head so well!  Cady is doing pretty well with her muscle development, too (has started sitting up for short sessions holding our hands or using the Bumbo) but still HATES tummy time.


Here's me and my cherub on the 25th!  :-)  Lots more (too many!) holiday pics were taken, but I haven't gone through them all yet.  Lol.



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Cady is the spit of you Lyndzies! beautiful!

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I was thinking the same thing!!  She looks just like you, Lyndzies!  Naomi looks so much like her father most of the time, but occasionally I catch a glimpse of me in her.


Melly, I am very impressed with Ben's strength!  And he's soooo handsome!  How have things been going lately?

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Thanks Amanda! I think he's pretty handsome too, he's so boyish looking to me. He's still quite unsettled but he's not having the hours of inconsolable crying in the evenings which I'm grateful for. 

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Oh what adorable Christmas cuties.  We didn't do Christmas outfits or pics like those but here is Osric being all cute and mellow at 2 months.


Oz at 2 months

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lyndsies, you look great! your weight loss is very noticeable.


cute babies! i love coming here and having a peek at "our" babies. :)


this is elora on xmas, wearing her very first dress. and her having recently found her fists. she's absolutely fascinated over them.


Picture363.jpgPicture 448.jpg

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They're all getting so big!  Great pics, what a bunch of cutie pies :D  Here's our Christmas pic-




And a couple just of Finnegan-







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everyone is sooo cute! Happy new year!






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Brokentail - Maggie is TOO cute.  You girls are making me feel guilty for not doing more tummy time.  Look at how strong she is!!

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I have to tell you.. We've only really done actual tummy time maybe 15 times in 3 months. I think she got so strong by nursing on her tummy I would joke she looked like a little puppy crawling around on me trying to nurse but that was the only way she would eat. Now shes over that and onto laying in bed nursing she yells if I try to sit on the couch or chair to feed her. She also loves flying and not being held like a baby, she's crazy!
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Here is one of Ben freshly born, because I'm feeling clucky!! Think I may be crazy. DH doesn't want anymore kids but I think I do....



And here he is yesterday sleeping love.gif


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Melly, that sleeping pic is SO cute. Sophia still has to sleep swaddled so I'm jealous that you get to capture super cute sleep positions!
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Got a few newer pics of Xander up here, got one of all of us on Christmas Eve and then the batteries died in the camera. :(

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Here are some from the birth


test.jpg Moments after the birth. How do you like my photoshopped tank top?


test2.jpg DW cutting the cord


30.jpg Her Mexican side is definitely starting to show now. She's getting darker every day





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I love the post birth pics Melly and Beth!  Beautiful!


Melissa, I love Xander's head of hair!  Too cute!












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