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More space efficient way to store diapers than a changing table?

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My daughter is 22 months old and it's been a long time since we've actually used the changing table for changing diapers. It is a fairly bulky piece of furniture that takes up quite a bit of space in our tiny bedroom (our house its self is only 700 square feet plus a small garage). I imagine that if you use disposable diapers, it's as simple as keeping a pack of Pampers on a shelf but we use prefolds. I really would love to get rid of this changing table once and for all, but what to do with our many diapers and wraps? The things that I had thought of were either keeping them in a box under our bed or in a drawer, which doesn't seem very handy, or putting them on top of a dresser, which would attract clutter. Where do you keep your cloth diapers?
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We put them in an unused drawer of our tv armoire.
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Ours lived in a laundry basket near DD's dresser. We'll do the same for the twins. We use the top of the dresser as a changing table.
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You might not have this set-up as an option, but we used the top of the dryer as a changing table (w/ a pad), and the shelf over the dryer has 3 nice baskets for diapers: pre-folds in one; pockets in another; and wipes, powder, etc. in the third.

As he grew out of diapers, we removed the baskets. We still have the changing pad, as this is where we dress him in the morning. One basket is left, with wipes and lotions and an extra change of clothing.
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At that age I had/have a drawer in the bedroom dresser and a container in the living room that has diapers in it.
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We use a changing table but it also has all of the kids clothes on/in it so we don't have a dresser for them.
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I stacked my prefolds in a laundry basket and kept it someplace convenient.
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We use sposies but I buy them in bulk so there's always a LOT of them. They nicely fill up the cabinet under our sink in the spare bathroom. Wipes go in there too.
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We keep a day's worth in a smallish wicker basket on our sofa table (behind the couch.) The rest live in a drawer in DH's dresser.
When we lived in tighter quarters we used IKEA CD towers in DS's room. See here.
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We put ours in a diaper stacker, sometimes stuffed/folded, other times just stuffed in there. Ours are homemade - we bought a small, sturdy hanger to hang it up with. DD's is hanging off changing table, but DS's is hanging in his closet.

Like this
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We use a bookcase to store ours, we have way too many so they take up the whole bookcase but if you dont have too much you could just use the top shelf. Or even put some shelves up on the wall close to where you usually change your child.

Depending on your laundry setup, you could stick a change mat on top of the washer and just put a basket for clean prefolds in there. That way they go straight out of the wash into where you need them and you dont even need to fold them.
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We have storage ottomans in our living room that we put the cloth diapers and wipes in. So, it doubles as seating and footrests.
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I have a soft-sided canvas crate that I just stuck DD's diapers in & could shove under her bed. We mostly changed her on the floor anyway, so it was simple to pull it out. It was soft so it could bunch up however it needed to fit, but stiff enough that it didn't get folded up so it was a pain to find the opening or whatever, like a bag would have been. It was also cute enough that it didn't seem out of place if I left it out.
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I put my cloth diapers in a hanging cloth shoe hanger thing in the living room. (Sorry, I don't know what it is...my mommom gave it to me. I've seen it in target, though.)
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We store our cloth dipes in the top drawer of our dresser and use the bed as a change table.
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