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suggestions for manual pump

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SO I have nursed all my boys and have never had a problem, I only used a pump really with my 1st (ameda purely yours-still have in fact we have 2)

I really do hate pumping and so with the rest of the boys they NEVER had a bottle at all all demand until the clw. but with this baby I see that I will have to offer a bottle for my sanity and logistics. I really dont want to have to drag around my ameda pump and deal with tubes/power sources and whatnot.

Any suggestions for good manual pumps? back yrs ago I tried the old medela handheld (the kind where you pulled the piston not the newer squeeze handle ones) and HATED IT. Also tried a batery operated pump (first stages?) it was ok. Ameda hands down for comfort,effectiveness and amt of milk.

I want a manula for the occassional outing w/o baby say if I need to make a quick run to the grocery store or whatnot.
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I really loved my Avent ISIS when my dd was a baby. It was very easy to use, and I believe they are BPA free now as most pumps/bottles are
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My Medela Harmony has been working well for me. I'm really glad I went with a manual pump.
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another vote for the Medela Harmony. I usually use my pump in style while at work, or if I'm pumping for the babysitter the next day, but for a quick trip like you're mentioning- the Harmony is nice. the soft flange is nice too, seems to get better suction than the hard ones used with the double electric.
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I wass just coming here to post the same thing.  I thought I had seen a manual pump at the drug store for 12 bucks.  I looked today at BRU, and the only ones were $35-45.


I don't want to wash all the parts and drag out my big pump for quick trips.  Plus, I have lots of supply, so I think a manual one will do me fine for lots of things.


Any advice on best places to buy your favorite manual pump?

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another vote for Avent Isis pump..used it for several years!

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I love my Avent Isis pump.... pumps alot of milk quickly for me!


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Originally Posted by maddymama View Post

I love my Avent Isis pump.... pumps alot of milk quickly for me!


Yup - me too!

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I really like my Medela Harmony.  Back when I was donating I'd be able to keep my supply high enough to feed my DS and pump 5 oz.  From one side in one sitting.  Twice or 3 times a day.  It was awesome.

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Okay, the Avent wins in the above poll... however - BRU says the Isis is no longer made, so I bought the Avent one that they had in stock...  I'll be back with my experience with it.  Thanks mamas!!

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