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when do you start really dressing your children?

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as a spin off on another thread

when you do start dressing your children in "real" clothes. as in no more sleepers and onesies.

my dd2 is almost 9m and for the most part i haven't started. for me, once they start walking i start with stuff like dresses, shoes, etc. currently dd2 wears onesies when warm and one piece rompers when cold (dd doesn't do well with footed stuff)

dd1 was born in the south in august, so it was too hot for much besides onesies. she stopped crawling and was a total walker at 9m, so maybe i just had a small window to deal with "real" clothes being an option.
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for me it is really what is practical/comfortable for the child.

my lo is walking, so footed things are reserved for bedtime, otherwise they are too slippery.

And onsies are good until the child wants to potty learn--it is not something a potty learning child can do and undo by themselves, so we don't do onsies from about 15 months on...
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On lazy days we both stay in jammies, but I feel a lot more productive if we both get dressed.

Around 7-8 months, I think, is when I really started dressing her in "outfits."

We'll also stick with onesies for quite some time; she's a skiiiiiiny baby, and I'd hate to freeze her rumpus all winter long, as it's impossible to keep pants up where they belong.
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I don't know if it was because DS was born around the winter holidays, or because he is a first baby and grandbaby on both sides . . .but I have put him in outfits almost from the get-go. I really don't like snapping sleepers, I would rather to onesies and pants or shirt and pants/shorts, so that is what we've done. I only am doing shoes really now as it is getting colder and his feet are on the ground more.

I think it depends on you and what you are doing; we are out of the house alot, so more excuse to "dress" I guess. home days we may all stay in jammies all day. But we don't have many of those.
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I started around 10 months. But for the first 10 months we lived in Costa Rica & then it was summer here so anything more than onesies didn't make sense most of the time.
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My baby was born in July and has always worn dresses. She doesn't have shoes yet but I will get her some soft-soled boots for winter.
My boys were born in the winter and they wore blue jeans and warm boots from the start. I just think it's cute.
I am, going to take a break from dresses from the time she starts trying to crawl until she walks, but will put her in jeans/pants/sweaters/etc. I'm not a huge fan of keeping babies in pajamas all day. And for that matter, some of her PJs are pants and a shirt and not one-pieces.
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Once she is walking more than being carried probably.

Shirts and dresses riding up all the time drive me mad and I don't really like waistbands on babies (could be projecting here as I don't like tight waistbands myself ).

J does sometimes wear just a T-shirt and nappy if it's really hot and she has a cute pair of denim overalls but I put a onesie under them. A couple of times she has worn long pants for sun protection but again, with a onesie.

We used to do the footed pj's at night but for the last couple of months it's been too hot so she just wears the short ones at night as well as during the day now.
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hhmmm... we don't really do outfits, per se. Baby wears a cloth diaper and longies shorties, and a shirt....
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we do onesies in the summer and long sleeve onesies and soft pants in the winter.
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We do some "outfits" now at 6 months. I think the cooler weather is more conducive to it. I agree with a PP, however, that the onesie is going to stick around until DD's not in arms or a carseat so much. "Baby clothing" like rompers and onesies are the only things that DD can wear that will actually stay put and not get all bunched up and weird in her carseat.
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I started regular outfits full time at 9mo, just before my DD started walking.
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DS is only 5 months, but I usually dress him in "normal" clothes like a t-shirt or button down and pants or shorts. When it's really hot then a onesie, or even just a diaper. I guess I tend to think of onesies as under-shirts, and use them as such.
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with kid 1, a huge number of onesies and other snap-in-the-crotch gear was handed down to me, and it took me all of a month or two to realize that i hated them. so i started dressing him in tops and bottoms at that point.

by the time kid 2 was born, i had weeded through all the hand-me-downs and gotten rid of all the crotch-snapping stuff, so i never had to put him in a onesie.

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I've always put lots of different kinds of outfits on DD since she was born. dresses, one piece sunsuits, shorts/skirts/pants and shirts. So I guess those are the more "regular" clothes but we also dress her in one piece footed or non footed sleepers and onesies. I think baby clothes are cute and it depends on what we are doing. If we are having a pajama day then that's what we wear, lol
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interesting thread! I was wondering the same thing.
My baby girl is almost 4months and she is mostly in onesies..cute little onesies of all sorts of patterns. However, if we go to visit someone I usually throw a cute little dress of some sort on her. We received so many cute dresses that I feel I need to use them before she grows out of them or the weather changes. Although she is mostly in onesies, she always has a matching bow to go with it..lol
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Cecilia, 6 months, wears a mixture of clothes. I love her in dresses, so she wears a lot of those, with just her cloth diaper underneath. She often wears onesies for the ease and coolness of them (we live in the desert). Sometimes she wears full outfits, though, as well. She generally sleeps in a onesie and her swaddle blanket.
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Well, we did a lot of dresses after she got out of the newborn stage because they are cute and easy for diaper changes, but we have had to stop now because she is crawling and they just get caught. I have one or two real shirts, but mostly she wears either a onesie with pants or one piece outfits. I figure onesies are just so much easier than regular shirts until they are really walking well and I'll probably do a lot of dresses again when she is walking well anyway

Honestly, to me anything that isn't PJs or just a onesie feels like really dressing her
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Once they grow out of the 12m size of sleepers then I start buying "real" pants and shirts which is still like cotton pants.
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When they can walk. lol
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4 months...pretty much once they are less "smooshy" and have more arms and legs.
DS was born in May, so all summer we did romper onesy's with collars, the REALLY cute ones (think polo brand), come fall jeans and shirts with a onesy as an undershirt since thats how i think of them.

I like babies who are dressed like little people, thats just me, if i would not wear it or buy it for my DH then i don't put my baby/kid in it.
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