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Am I having contractions? edited - Yes I am.

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I know this is a silly question, but how do I tell if I'm having "real" contrax and not just really intense BH?

They are much more intense and my back feels achy and every few minutes I feel like I have to use the washroom. They are also much more low then before and I have to change position or close my eyes and sway through them.

I had my 2nd stretch and sweep today and I was only 1cm -3 station and 50% thinned. I lost my mucus plug this morning and just now noticed some blood when I went to the washroom, which I didn't have after the S&S.

Edited - They ramped up in intensity all night long. Had DH fill the birth pool and got some rest in there because there was no way I was lying down.Midwife came by at 9am...3cm. Since then they have started getting more intense and now I can barely walk during them..soon I hope!
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I've been having BH exactly as you described for a couple of weeks now. Does not mean that they aren't the real deal for you though! I hope they are!
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It's possible you're contracting from the membrane stretch/sweep, and that it may have kickstarted more intense contractions. That happens to me, and I normally haven't noticed a loss of plug/blood until later in the day. For me, it hasn't put me into labor. Monitor how long it lasts. . .hop in the shower/bath, walk around and change positions. That should either intensify them (in the case of labor), or make them go away (if it's not).
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The contractions sound like they could be something! I'm not sure if the bleeding is related to the S & S but when I had bloody show, my midwife told me it meant my cervix was dilating. During active labour for me, I had a fair bit of bleeding! I hope this is it for you!!
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With my DD, I lost my plug and had bloody show in the morning, contractions like you described a couple hours after that, they kicked into higher gear around 10pm that night, and my DD was born at 6:45pm the next day. So, it sounds like something to me!! I didn't have an S&S, though, so I can't say how that would affect things.
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Just got off the phone with my midwife. Apparently because I can talk through them and the pressure isn't everywhere it could be just cramps from the S&S or early labour.
She suggested taking a tylenol and gravol and getting some rest.
I timed them and they are 45sec-1.30 long and 1.45 to 3 minutes apart.
I have to sway through them or lean on the counter, i had a hot shower and it made my back feel better but I had a few contrax in the shower too. bleh.
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Focus on the "early labor" possibility! That sounds a lot like my early labor, for sure--in any event, trying to get some rest is a great suggestion! Easier said than done, I know--but then, I ended up staying up for over 40 straight hours by the time my DD was born (because I was too excited in early labor, and then it hurt too much as things progressed), and that sucked, so I can say you really SHOULD try to get some rest now if you can!!
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Sounds like even if you're not in labor, you are making some good progress.

Rest and eat and stay hydrated, you've got some good work ahead of you!
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Definitely get as much sleep as you can and remember to eat and drink. It could be nothing but it also sounds an awful lot like labor.

Sending you ELV!
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