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If your dh/partner is intact (or restored)

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Do YOU get UTIs? I swear I read anectodal evidence that female partners of intact men get fewer UTI.

Wondering how it's played out for others. My dh is circd and I woke up with a uti this morning (yes, I peed, lol) and it got me thinking.
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I've only had one UTI since we've been together. I don't know if that's related to him being intact, or more because I religiously pee before and after sex!
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Neither of us has ever had a UTI.
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i think i have had 1 UTI in the 10 years dh and i have been together. i used to get them a lot in college, (but i've never been with a cut guy) so i think it has more to do with me being more careful about peeing after sex, and going when i need to go instead of waiting.
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nope, never...for either of us.
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I don't.
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He is, and I do. I think it has to do more with cleaning after sex and diet.
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I haven't had a UTI since I've been with my husband. I did have several UTIs before I was with him, but I can't say if my partner was intact or circumcised at that time.
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no UTI's here!
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nope not one!
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Only once, and that was when I was pregnant, so I think that was the reason more than anything else. I had urinary reflux as a kid and actually had to have several corrective surgeries, so I am very careful about prevention - things like how I wash, peeing after sex, cotton undies, etc. I am not convinced that intact status would really matter one way or another.
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DH is intact. I can only think of once or twice that I've gotten a UTI in the 11+ years dh and I have been together. And only once or twice in the years before that, so I can't logically pin the blame for the ones I did have on him.
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I got UTI's fairly often when I was first with my husband. But....

-he was my first and no one told me I should pee right after sex! (I was 20 and my mom thought I had been sexually active with my previous boyfriend, so didn't think think to mention it)

-we used condoms for the first year we were together

So it was ME, just being prone to UTI's, not about his foreskin.
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Never had one
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I had two as a teen when we used condoms, i think because the condom takes the foreskin out of the equation, meaning more friction and thus injury (probably depends on anatomy though). I have never gotten one with DH or XP, with whom i didn't use condoms.

For me the foreskin makes a huge difference. If DH had to be circ'd for medical reasons obviously i'd still want to be with him, but we would really grieve that sort of injury as a couple.
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DH is circed, and I get UTIs like it's my job. Especially in certain positions, missionary specifically.
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My dh is circed and I have not had a UTI since we have been married.

I have only had 1 UTI in my life back when I was 18-19 I was not sexually active and had never been sexually active.

I always thought that some woman where just more prone to having UTI than others.
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I am restored, at about 1/2 way through our 27 years of marriage.

I am not aware that my wife has ever had an UTI.

I had one UTI a few months ago (so since restoration). No idea where it came from. cleared up right away with treatment. Did not transfer to wife.
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DH is intact and I had one, back when we were young and I wasn't as religious about peeing after sex. (back before nursing babies, when we did have sex)
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Dh is circed. I've had a few UTIs...2 maybe? I also got about the same amount, to the same degree, when I had a same sex partner. I think it's a matter of that woman's anatomy, sex positions, wiping off and peeing after saliva or semen could cause irritation.
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