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The love/hate thread....

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Ok.. what do you LOVE and HATE about being pregnant with and having multiples??

LOVE: The double movements. Seeing them on the ultrasound so often and being able to see some of the personalities already while in the belly.

HATE: The questions from people. You know when you say your having twins and you get 900 questions and comments about twins.

LOVE: Buying both girl and boy clothes and not being restricted to one section of the baby area

HATE: Heartburn, round ligament pain, and sciatica

Ok your turn
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okay, I am only 11 weeks so there isn't much that I LOVE yet.

Love: being amazed by that my body is growing 2 people

hate: overwhelming exhaustion and nausea. not being able to sleep. peeing every 2 seconds.
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Good thread!!

LOVE: like you, the movements, the lots of u/s, the personalities already showing
HATE: the insomnia, but then again, the exhaustion, the peeing every 1 hour at night, not finding clothes that fit the belly

LOVE: the way the OB office treats me like a princess(i know, so unfair to the singleton preggos lol), the way my family is always calling and checking on me, the way my DH pampers me, the way you can get away with eating constantly and not feel bad about it

HATE: the backache already, the swollen vuvla(EWW), the extra hormones raging

LOVE: the super libido
HATE: i am too tired to do anything with the super libido
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I loved playing "name that body part" when the boys were squirming around, and the sheer wonder of watching my whole belly shift to one side, looking more like a giant egg than a beach ball.

I loved the miracle that was going on inside me. The twins were my first (and last), so I was doubly amazed at the incredible things my body was doing!

I loved the groggy, milk-splattered faces, when they would gaze adoringly at me as they nursed together. I especially loved when they held hands while nursing!

My sons are 16 years old, and I have forgotten everything I hated about being pregnant, or having two infants.

I do remember missing my feet. And not being able to fit behind the wheel of the car, or sit straight on to a table (but that was OK, because I could rest a dinner plate on my big belly!) But it was SO worth it!
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