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Couple of kitten questions!

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Hi! I had cats growing up, and recently we were given two kittens, Theodore and Artemis. I'm not sure how old they are or how long they were with their mother. I don't know their original owners. They were given to us by DHs uncle- his co-worker gave them to him and he said he was just going to set them free if no one took them... so we took them in. He has two pit bulls and didn't want cats. They are sweet little guys, really. Both male. They both seem to have gained some weight already, but they're still long and lanky (which I'm assuming is healthy, they're just lean). I think they're around 5lbs each, but my scale is wonky. So... my questions:

1. How old are they? Video coming shortly
2. They are little box trained, but recently one has started peeing in one spot on the couch (twice) and twice in the middle of the living room floor. We have the litter box in the living room so I'm not quite sure why he's doing this. I think it's the black cat, Theodore.
3. When should I get them neutered?
4. They wrestle alote (as shown in the video). It's nothing to worry about, right?
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1. I can't wait to see them! We have a kitten too, she's been SO MUCH FUN. Your vet will be able to tell you almost exactly how old they are, far more accurately than we can. They need to be checked out anyway -- feral kittens almost always have worms, and there are some diseases you need to screen them for as well.
2. Peeing is one way that cats, especially intact toms, mark territory. You need to use an enzyme cleaner in the spots where he goes, or he'll keep doing it, and maybe place a second litterbox nearby for a little while until he settles down.
3. The sooner you get them altered, the less likely you are to have more urine-spraying problems, and the better for them.
4. Wrestling is fine -- it's just play, it keeps them from attacking other targets (like your ankles!), and it helps them work out the cat heirarchy in the house. Plus, HILARIOUS to watch.
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Still trying to upload the video!

Oh, and I don't think they're feral cats- I believe someone's cat had kittens.
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Oh, I see! Even so, especially if the original owner was the kind to A) not bother to have the mother spayed and B) "set the kittens free," i.e., abandon them to die slow wretched deaths, rather than find a home or take them to the shelter, I wouldn't assume they've been cared for at all and I'd get them wormed.
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Oh no I plan on taking them Just wanted to clarify.


Still trying to get the video up!
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OMG, they're ADORABLE! What cute little guys. They certainly look healthy!
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Thank you! Any idea as to how old they might be?
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Cats gain about 1 pound per month, so they're around 5 months old. I'd go ahead and get them neutered ASAP. They are plenty old enough and may be starting to go through sexual maturity, which may come along with urine marking.
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Our kitten is about five months, and they look just a smidge younger than her.
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Kittens can be neutered or spayed as soon as they turn 2 lbs. I would set up an appointment within the next week, no later, if I were you.

Our cats prefer having their own litter box, each, so I agree with the previous poster that you should get a second litter. The kitten may hate going in a dirty box, too, so keep them as clean as possible.

I find that Nature's Miracle (an enzyme cleaner) does wonders on cat accidents, so stock up! (at most pet stores)

I think they are about 4 months old.

Wrestling is completely normal and healthy.
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I would guess between 4-6 months. Neutering is usually done at 6 months. They would need a vet checkup and vaccines before neutering as well.
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