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I had Thai food tonight! Yum!

I remembered as soon as I sipped the spicy and tangy Tom Yung Koong soup that it was one of my favorites from LAST pregnancy as a perfect tummy soother! Mmm. Must be the lemongrass. The fresh spring rolls were delicious as well. Too bad I can't eat like that every night!
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Every time I eat something, the thought of it later makes me sick! So I keep thinking I finally found the answer to my hunger/nausea problem and it never works.

I don't know about anyone else, but if I could drink a really great cup of coffee I would be really happy. I miss coffee! I never thought the day would come that the smell of beloved coffee would make me want to vomit!
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Originally Posted by citymagnolia View Post
I don't know about anyone else, but if I could drink a really great cup of coffee I would be really happy. I miss coffee! I never thought the day would come that the smell of beloved coffee would make me want to vomit!
Amen! It doesn't make me sick, but I don't like it anymore. I LOVED my coffee. It was the best part of my morning. I miss it so much! Le sigh.

Oh well, now I have my herbal pregnancy tea in the mornings instead, and that's better for me anyway!
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Anything fried ;-) Also kale.
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I just went to the grocery store and wandered around a long time, getting WIC stuff and trying to see what might be good. When I came home, I really wanted a pickle (I bought 2 jars), but a warm pickle sounded so so gross. So, I had a Boca Chik patty and a big glass of V8. They totally hit the spot. I'm actually having more of the same right now, an hour later. I'm really happy that something actually healthy is tasting and sounding good. Ginger ale, saltines and pickles aren't really the best baby growing foods.
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I've been feeling super miserable the last few days..really blue, exhausted, and the sickest I've felt this pregnancy or during my first. In any case, somehow I motivated to cook...and cook...and cook, this afternoon. I was so tired that at one point I was leaning into the top cabinet with my forehead while chopping veggies. But the cooking was distracting me from how lousy I was feeling, so I kept going. In any case, I managed to cook a yummy meal that is (so far) sitting well with me. *knocking on wood*

Dinner was white beans with chipotle, breadcrumbs & cilantro pesto (first time trying this recipe--yum!), baked buckwheat with tons of mushrooms (it was a little over the top mushroomy and the smell put me off a bit, but it was ok), and acorn squash with maple/butter/allspice/cherries/salt/pepper and a little splash of tequila (cooked off the booze, but kept some of the flavor).

The meal was none of the things I've been craving, but I haven't been eating much of what I've craving. I've been thinking a lot about hard-boiled eggs; beef & lamb, but I very rarely eat meat and don't cook it at home; nachos; ma po tofu; plain yogurt; homemade smoothies; anything that can be a carrier for a yummy, crunchy salt and lemon or lime (celery & cucumber, mostly); and peanut butter cookies.

Well. Time to pass out and sleep for the rest of the week.
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ummmm, I just ate a whole bowl of broccoli and cheese sauce for lunch....thinking about making some more.
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I am eating peanut stir fry, it has carrots, broccoli, chicken, and rice for a third day in a row.
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i'm craving beef fajitas. I was watching a cooking show this afternoon and this was one of the recipes. It sounds so good, I think we will be having them for dinner tonight.
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NOTHING SOUNDS GOOD! Period. Everything makes me feel like I'm going to puke so I'm not eating very much right now and forcing myself to get protein down. AHHHHH! I HATE ALL DAY SICKNESS!
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nausea is starting to get pretty bad for me as well

i got on the bike trainer earlier and rode for 30 minutes and strangely that did help some with nausea. last time the nausea lasted the entire pregnancy really really hope that will not be the case this time.
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I am not having any nausea. I am REALLY craving meat. For a former veetarian, this is crazy! I want meat cooked in savoury sauces....for every meal !
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Funnily enough, after a horrible few days my nausea has taken a back seat. Admittedly it's taken a back seat to crippling fatigue, but I'd vastly rather be sleeping than retching, so I'm happy.

The food I crave seems to vary wildly. I'm trying to eat heaps of protein and as much saturated fat as my stomach will allow (not much, currently), but that doesn't necessarily mean I want those things. For a few days I really craved feta and ate my way through a whole block. Then I craved cottage cheese, but only for a few spoonfuls - then it started tasting really funny, and the rest of the packet is languishing in the fridge. I'm trying to eat eggs whenever I can, and they're OK, but I don't love them like usual. The thought of fish makes me feel faintly off, but oddly enough I can eat it without problems, as long as DH cooks it. (I can't go past the fish counter at the supermarket, though. Bleuugh.) So I'm trying to eat as much of that as I can, too - again, not very much, basically once or twice a week.

I'm still hankering after refined, greasy carbs, sadly. Pizza! Fish and chips! Shapes BBQ crackers, which are loaded with MSG and which I should really avoid like the plague, but my goodness, they are freaking delicious. I craved one of my childhood toasted egg sandwiches the other day - made in a toasted sandwich maker with cheap, gross white bread and cheap, gross margarine, and the yolk all runny inside, smothered in salt... Drat, now I want one. My mother craved toasted cheese sandwiches for her last two pregnancies: it must be genetic.

Oh, and I could use some pita crisps with pesto and hummus, if anyone's offering. That reminds me, I haven't made pita bread in forever. I might go start some now before my fatigue kicks back in and I end up zonked out on the bed for the rest of the day. Ahhh, pregnancy.
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haha I made cheese/tomato sandwhiches in my ancient sandwich maker a few days ago.
I absolutely could not eat the coconut crusted tilapia filets I made last night even though my husband said they were really good.
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Franks Red Hot on everything. I don't thing I could eat at all if I didn't cover everything in it! Hitting the Izzy fruit sodas too, they seem to calm things down a bit.
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Cheese and crackers today, yummy!
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Sparkling water and bananas (not usually both at the same time) are two terrific queasiness killers for me. My tummy is usually fine if I have something little on it. For some reason bananas have worked to put some weight on my tummy for both pregnancies. If I eat it right when I get up or just before going to bed, it can buy me time before I'm really miserable and can either A. go to sleep or B. get up and make something. When I learned that Bananas are full of vitamin B6, well, there you go!

I bought some peppermint drops to put in my purse. I hate popping sugar into my mouth (mostly for my teeth's sake), but it does tend to buy me some time while I'm waiting for an opportunity to eat.
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Yes, sparking water is very helpful to me. I ran out yesterday and can feel the difference today.
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