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Buried treasure..

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I am feeling a bit sheepish, because while going through one of worst closets, one I have been avoiding for years, I stumbled across a shoe box. Well that doesn't sound so bad, but it didn't have old shoes in it as I first thought, it was filled with jewellery!

This is the jewellery that I have been telling DH for years that I swore someone had broken in to our place and stolen. I had even got him convinced that it is was a genuine possibility, due to us sharing this house with offices years ago.

Now I have to admit that it was just my disorganisation that was to blame for mislaying my jewellery.

Please tell me I am not the only person who has ever been convinced that was something gone forever, only to find it buried amongst stuff!!
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A week after DH and I met, he lost one of his sets of car keys. He looked everywhere and couldn't find them. Three years and two moves later, he found them in a pair of old running shoes.

We just got a new couch today and had the old one taken away. I won't even talk about the amazing amount of stuff we found underneath and stuffed inside. (Spoons? Thanks kids. Oh, there are my #9 knitting needles! Hey, is that a phone?)
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Our last move DH misplaced his ID. Ended up having to get a new one (which with a military ID its not that easy). Almost a year later I opened a bag of bath stuff that I didn't realize had been stuffed in a kitchen cupboard, on the top of the bath salts was DH's old ID. Either DH, myself or one of our friends who was helping us moved had stuffed it in the bag probably so we didn't forget it and then we all forgot about it until DH had to go to work on Monday. Ooops. Also happened with my dependant ID once, I looked everywhere. Was really upset because I couldn't find it and couldn't do anything about it since DH was gone. DH luckily came back early from training and got me a new one. Months later I went for a walk using the single stroller we had (and wearing DD2 who was about 15ish months at the time), I went to put the ID I had in the pouch on the stroller.. Yeap, the old ID was in there. No clue how it got there but the whole time it was sitting in the closet buried.
I could go on but I won't because its embarrasing and I need to go to the store before I forget to.
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HOORAY for buried treasure, though!
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Yay for buried treasure.

When DS was almost a year old, DH blamed him for a missing remote. DH thought DS must have tossed it in the garbage. He went on and on about that remote. We turned the bedroom upside down. DH used it as an excuse to buy a new DVD player...

I found the remote when we moved. In a box that had been in the storage unit for 2.5 years before our son was born.

ETA: The box had been packed by DH. It was from before we were married and before we ever lived together.
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I forgot I owned a waffle maker/sandwich maker. I had been talking for months about saving up for one. Then I cleaned out my bottom cabinets and found it behind the pots and pans! I had forgotten completely!
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