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mrsbub- i dont know if this makes you feel better or not, but it's unlikely the low progesterone you have had anything to do with the blighted ovuum. blighted ovuums are likely genetic issues. i mention it because even if you knew about your progesterone issue in time, there probably wasnt anything you could have done. the kind of m/cs that are caused by low progesterone are likely to be when you have a viable embryo, but you bleed anyway, and lose the baby due to essentially af coming when it shouldnt be because you are pregnant. usually we will spot below 10, although you can spot and still stay pg, and we typically get af below 5, although with my m/c 2 mths ago, my progesterone was below 4 for several days before bleeding started.

afm- good news- my p4 from friday was 37.8! yay!
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Has anyone else ever taken progesterone injections? I saw my fertility nurse today and she switched me to the injections. I get them from a compound pharmacy. My DH had to learn how to give me the injection. I do 200mg twice a week. I hope that's enough. Is it somehow stronger with it being injected? My suppositories were 300mg and I took those every night! I didn't really think to ask about this because I didn't realize how much of a difference there was until I got home. Anyone have any knowledge on this?
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the re's use it sometimes but i dont know much about it. i think it works well, but i have heard, hate to say this, that some ladies are allergic to it. so if you get a rash, it's from the oil they mix it in, and they can change that when they do the compounding next time. so just a heads up.
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swimming-duck: I don't have personal experience with injections -- but my aunt had three miscarriages before they started supplementing her progesterone and then she had two healthy daughters.

I was just talking to her about it the other day and she said she went only once weekly for a shot that was the consistency of "peanut butter." Now, this was 20+ years ago, but the injections worked beautifully for her! I hope they will for you too!

Good luck!

kermab: Thanks for the reassurance. I'm sure there will always be a twinge of sadness about any m/c, but I believe that things turn out the way they should. If pregnancy#1 had stuck, we wouldn't have our DS and I can't imagine life without him!

With my miscarriage, I didn't start spotting until almost 11 weeks, after my ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac. Likely weeks after the embryo had been reabsorbed. With both of my subsequent pregnancies, my progesterone looks normal at first, but then quickly plummets before the 6 week mark.

The general consensus (from my health care providers and in the research I have done since and given that both subsequent pregnancies have required progesterone) was that low progesterone/hormonal imbalance was likely what ended the pregnancy. As far as I can tell, genetic/chromosomal abnormalities are the most common reason for blighted ovums, but that hormones can also cause the same type of miscarriage.

Whatever the case, I'm glad my midwife suspected progesterone then, and I did not have to endure another loss.
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