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Cat urine nightmare

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Ahh Last night one or both cats peed entirely through a couch cushion and on two down couch pillows. ENTIRELY THROUGH to the other side.

I'm going to get an enzyme cleaner, but what can I do, really? It's all the way through.

Our couch is basically crappy cushions with cotton covers and a slipcover that unzip and you can wash... but I don't know how to go about finding a replacement cushion. The manufacturer is out of business too.

And the down pillows- can I really use an enzyme cleaner on them? (urine is also all the way through those
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Well, aside from cleaning the pillows....I would get an urinalyis done on both cats to make sure all is a-ok
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I'd find a front loading washing machine somewhere, and run what ever will fit through at least 1-2 cold water washes, without any soap or anything. That should remove the bulk of the cat urine from them. Whatever doesn't fit in the washer can be cold water rinsed with a hose outside, or in the bath tub. With that amount of urine, you HAVE to rinse it out first.

Then I would either soak the cushions for 8 hours, or overnight in oxygen bleach in the bath tub, or saturate them with Nature's Miracle.

The cushions may not be the same fluffiness when you are done, but they will be clean.


And definitely get the cats in for a check up ASAP. In the meantime, locking them up when they can not be supervised, in a room where they can't get at anything fabric or paper will reduce the chances of this happening again.

Also, if you don't have 3 litter boxes, make sure you do from this point forward. 1 box per cat, plus 1 is the rule of thumb.
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Will do They also use the litter box, but one is very fond of the couch also
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Any chance your kitty is declawed? If yes, that may explain the love of peeing on the couch.

Honestly, it sounds like no matter what, you need a litter box training reboot. Kitty gets locked up in a smaller space, with just the litter box, so that the habit of peeing on the couch gets broken. After a few weeks, you SLOWLY expand the amount of access to the house that your cat has, and closely supervise. Any accidents mean a reduction in access. If the cat does okay, you expand how much of the house he/she can access a little more. Repeat. It's a pain in the butt, but beats cat pee everywhere.
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I hate to tell you this, but I have not ever been able to find a way to get the smell out of furniture. Our cat trashed a papsan chair by peeing on it - nothing would get the smell out, even soaking in pet stain/odor remover.

Breathless has a good recommendation on the room restriction. It can be quite helpful.

We tried that and litter preference testing (different boxes with different litters available to the cat to choose which they will use most) and still ended up having to restrict our cat to my husband's office permanently.
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Thanks! Well, last night, no accidents. I have to litter boxes now, and they haven't used the second one yet. I bought a big bottle of "Complete for Cats" and cleaned up the couch. I *think* that the cat that has been peeing on the couch could still smell the smell from before and that's why he was doing it. They had origanlly had an accident there because they didn't know where the litter box was (I think) but now everything is good

If they do it again, I'll start putting them in the bathroom for the night (I was doing that before, but only because they weren't "getting" the "don't jump on DH's face all night" thing ) They're much nicer at night now and play on the floor, not on DH.

Oh, and not declawed
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Consider tossing the couch,and take the cats in for a check up to rule out infections.I hope it is an infection,becasue that is far easier to treat than a cat peeing for emotional reasons.

You can restrict the cats to certain rooms,but this might also up the peeing out of the box. I had one or more of 3 cats peeing on the carpet,and I finally tossed them outside to the garage side room.

I had a cat years ago that I tried to treat for emotional peeing,and she peed up an entire house.Had her down to one room that I set up for her all posh,but still she peed and sprayed the walls.Caused a lot of damage.In the end she was euthanised, and I swore I would not tolerate it as long as I did that first time.

I cried last fall when I found the wet spot,and ofcourse who knows which of my 3 cats did it or why. I miss having them in the house,but my house is not an open toilet for the dogs and cats. I moved them out of the house after the 3rd wet spot.

Glad to read things are better.
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