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camping w/ 2 m.o.

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What is the safest way to sleep with a 2 month old in a tent? We're going camping next weekend, and it might be chilly. We're afraid it won't be safe to have her in my sleeping bag with me, but she won't be warm enough if we put her by herself (we were thinking on a pack-and-play pad). We've thought about dressing her warmly and swaddling her in a wool blanket. And putting a wool hat on her head.

Any ideas? What has worked for other families?

BTW - Baby sleeps in a crib at home, but we are okay with co-sleeping. We co-slept for 2.5 years with dd1.
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The only way I was ever comfortable camping with small kids was with them in my sleeping bag. That said, DP & I have two very large sleeping bags that we zip together. For several years it was DP, me, DD & DS all in there. That way I could be sure they were warm & safe. But where we camp, even in the summer, it often gets COLD.
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I went camping when DS was three months old and he was in my sleeping bag with me and loved it. We had a blast and it was a breeze to have him with me compared to now that he is 3.
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Def. not on an air mattress. It was horrible sleeping on one with an older babe and night nursing I'd do a sleeping bag or get a foam mattress pad (or something similar) to lay on the ground.

I need my space and feel confined in a sleeping bag but brought tons of blankets instead. Just be sure to bundle your baby accordingly for the weather- it can get really hot during the day but freezing cold at night! Lots of layers/ hat/ socks/ etc. Have fun!
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We zipped our bags together and ds slept between us, but he was more like 6 months the first time we took him camping. We each have an inflatable camping pad, and then I used some extra blankets to make him a little pad between us. If you had him up off the ground on a pad of some sort, well dressed, blanketed, and between you, he would probably stay warm enough without being inside your sleeping bag. You could try one of those little cosleeper things that is meant to go on your bed...just to keep sleeping bags, etc. off the babe. Something like this.
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DS didn't camp till he was 4mo, and we did co-sleep on an air mattress and nursed at night.
I'm a single parent, though. We used a queen mattress.

What I do is make a bed like my bed at home. I do this even when I sleep alone. I put a couple towels on the air mattress, then the sleeping bag, open all the way, and inside-up. The towels are to keep the vinyl outside of the bag (or whatever it's made of) from slipping off the mattress.

Then I make the bed, like a normal bed. I put the fitted sheet on, and anchor it around the corners of the air mattress with sheet garters. Then I put on the top sheet and blanket and comforter. And bring extra blanket in case.

For ds-- I finally found out what those long-sleeved onesies were for! He had bare legs, because the bag is warm-- it's rated for -20, I think-- and he likes to sleep with his arms out. I had a onesie with long sleeves and a turtleneck for camping.
And a hat is essential. The kind that velcros under the neck. Make sure before you leave (try it) that when your baby turns her head, the hat turns with her, you know, so she doesn't turn her head and the hat stays in place, thereby blocking her airways. If that makes sense online!
You can maybe get little mittens, too.

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