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Baby is here!!

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Woke up at 12:30am last night to intense contractions 3 min apart. Evelyn was born an hour and 15 min later into her daddy's hands! Midwife arrived about 10 min after she was born. 9lbs 12oz and no tears

All in all it was a great birth, but very intense and tough to keep up with! She is nursing like a champ and has already pooped twice

I guess the castor oil did the trick!
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yay! Congrats on your big girl and quick labor!
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What a blessing! Enjoy your babymoon!
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YAY! Congrats!
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Brought tears to my eyes! So happy for you!
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Wahoo! No tears with that healthy girl? You're awesome! Super impressed by your fast labor, too. Although, with a 42week + pregnancy, I'm sure it didn't feel THAT fast. Proud of you!

Congratulations on Baby Evelyn! Welcome to the world!

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Congratulations and Welcome, baby girl!
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YAY! Congratulations! I want your birth, lol
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Wow - another one with an insane labor! Congrats!!!
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Yay! Congrats!
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Wooohoooo! Congrats mama & welcome Evelyn!!
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