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baby names

I like
Avalon, Artemis or Thora for a girl (my partner doesn't like any of those names ) And for a Boy Abraham, or Seth.
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Originally Posted by nixnc View Post
for a girl we have picked out: olivia renn
Wow, that is so so pretty. I love it.
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yes super pretty! i have always liked wren but i like the spelling of renn better i think
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Help Us!

OK, we have a girl name, Amelia Faith. We are about 90% sure we're having a girl, but there's always "what if" that has us picking boy names too. We are in love with Josiah. We have tried almost every name imaginable for a middle name with absolutely NO luck! Any suggestions?! I keep threatening to name him Josiah BoB (with that spelling). LOL
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[QUOTE=MamaChef;15943895]We like


Our daughter is called Maia and everyone comments on how beautiful it is, especially the spelling. Her middle name is Lynn, and we often call her Maia Lynn
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my neice is maia kelly...i LOVE the spelling <3
we call her may sometimes.
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Originally Posted by ryleeee View Post
my neice is maia kelly...i LOVE the spelling <3
we call her may sometimes.
That is our only frustration with the spelling, people are often not sure whether to pronounce it 'My-a" or "May-a" - (we pronounce it My-a)
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Originally Posted by 77sugaree View Post
And a note for everyone who likes Jackson, I have a Jaxon and every other time we go out, I hear a parent calling out to their Jackson. It is VERY popular. In my math class one semester there were 4 of us who had a child named Jackson. All different spellings though.

Oh no! That is the only boy name we can agree on. At least we don't personally know anyone with that name, no one at church and none of our family or friends. There's one other boy name we love, but it clashes pretty bad with our last name so it's definitely out. Uh, boy names are hard.
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cincanada & ryleee--thanks!! i have had olivia for a girl picked out for years, but never could figure out a middle name. i wanted it to be 1 syllable because olivia is obviously 4, but everything i came up with sounded too plain, then i thought of wren, but i don't like silent letters in names because one day they have to learn to spell it, so i decided on renn. but then we have the double "n," but i can live with that.

just wanted to add: i agree boys names are hard because you don't want something that sounds prissy or feminine. something strong and manly, but not so manly they have an old man's name as a baby. that has been my struggle, anyway.
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no no...it's my-ya...not may-ya
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My 1st (19 month old) is Nora Anne

Girl name frontrunner: Ruth Elyse
Boy name contenders: Asher Isaac and Elijah James

Boy-girl twins (doesn't hurt to be prepared, with twins running in the fam!): Elijah James and Elisabeth (Ellie) _______ (can't decide a middle name yet)

We have a 1 syllable last name, so hubby is adamant that no boys will have 1 syllable first names like him. Girls he doesn't mind so much, since chances are good that they won't have our last name forever. So with a 1 syllable last name, would Eliabeth Violet be too much? It might work, especially if it's Ellie Violet. Hmm.....perhaps.
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Originally Posted by ILoveNora View Post
Eliabeth Violet
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I like Ellie....it's Chuck's sister on the tv show Chuck lol
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english-mummy.. It's definitely our favorite. I love how many ways it is perfect.. baby is due in May, was concieved during Pleiades, is our 4th pregnancy..the name means "Close to God" in Hebrew and "Mother" in Greek.. my children have been my greatest mothers

I love how Lynn sounds with it, by that is my Mother's middle name so it is off the table. We havent even delved into middle names yet.

Just incase baby comes out and doesnt "look" like a Maia, we thought we should have some backups

My DD1's name is Keona and we wanted something as unique.

I love the spelling Maia.. so, I guess we will just deal with the corrections.
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after having loved olivia for YEARS my husband tells me last night he isn't sure of the name because when he was in school with a girl he didn't like very much named olivia.

he likes renn, though. so back to square one for us!
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i like wren as a middle name. i'm trying to convince my husband...i don't know if he'll go for it. i have a feeling he won't.

my BIL and SIL named their daughter maia after the angels in the silmarillion by j.r.r. tolkien.

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Ebony Jade Melissa for a girl so far not got a boys name picked but am thinking about it
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i really like Keanu for a boy. it literally means "the cool" in Hawaiian. but DH isn't digging it for obvious connotations. stupid celebs.
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If it's a boy we were thinking Landon. But it's after BIL's middle name. And we don't like BIL all that much.... So I don't know why DH wants it so bad. lol.

No worries. It'll be a girl anyways lol. We thought of Lillian for a moment... Lill and Will... Kinda cute. lol.
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You guys have some great names picked out. We just decided on names yesterday. Although, it's still early, so nothing is set in stone. If we're having a girl, Lia Marie and if we're having a boy, Brice Oliver. Marie is my middle name (and Mom's and Grandma's) and Oliver is my Dad's middle name. No real reason for the first names, other than we like the names and they're short. We have a really long last name, so need something short and sweet for the first name.

Only one small problem. My husband is Laotian and he says Lia means "lick" in Lao . Most people won't know that, but his family will. Hopefully it doesn't throw the name out because I really love it.
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