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camping w/ 2 m.o.?

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I posted this in Family Safety and only got one response, so I'll try here.

What is the safest way to sleep with a 2 month old in a tent? We're going camping next weekend, and it might be chilly. We're afraid it won't be safe to have her in my sleeping bag with me, but she won't be warm enough if we put her by herself (we were thinking on a pack-and-play pad). We've thought about dressing her warmly and swaddling her in a wool blanket. And putting a wool hat on her head.

Any ideas? What has worked for other families?

BTW - Baby sleeps in a crib at home, but we are okay with co-sleeping. We co-slept for 2.5 years with dd1.
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we used a snuggle nest thing. it's supposed to go between the pillows in a normal bed and i used it in my sleeping bag with my almost 2 mo old in it. She was in a fleece swaddler and had a beanie on her head. It was feb. and pretty cold and she did just fine!
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We did it with a 3mo (and a newly 2yo and 8yo as well) and it was wonderful. We had a blow up mattress and made it up like a bed and baby and I slept on that with the 2yo and big sis and daddy in another bed. It was about this time of yr but colder (freezing at night) but we did warm jammies, a hat and cuddled with mommy (I did have a extra thick baby blanket on the baby to make sure she was plenty warm). We all really enjoyed it and she stayed toasty warm.
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I think I started backpacking with my son when he was 3.5 months old. I just had him in the sleeping bag with me (on my thermarest pad), and brought an extra breathable blanket to put over my upper body (which stuck out of the bag when nursing). Now he's nearly 20 months, and 3.5 months was easier!
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We did it and we put a pad down on the ground and some extra blankets over it. Put DD in a really warm sleeper, swaddled her, put a hat on her, and put a blanket over the lower half of her body. She slept up next to our heads. (She was 2 months old.) She slept just fine. It also helped that our tent was pretty small so it kept in a lot of heat.
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