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Immobile Arm Syndrome

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I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue... I often end up with one arm so "trapped" in the shoulder cap that I can't even use that arm.

Any tips??

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no help- but i too hate this situation!..like trying to reach something up high with that arm, impossible!
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Yup, me too. And it's harder if you have to put a coat or a backpack on because it won't go all the way over the shoulder, lol.

I found that my Hip Hammock prevented this happening, but of course sometimes the sling is the better tool for the job.
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What kind of sling are you using? I had this problem all the time with Nojo but with my Maya, it just sort of rolls up when I lift my arm. Sometimes I have to pull it back down so it doesn't dig into my trap muscle but sometimes it rolls back down when I lower my arm.
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