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Anyone Lose Weight with Leslie Sansone?

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I am new to the whole working-out-at-home thing, but have recently started doing the Leslie Sansone 2-mile walk that's available "On Demand." I ordered the Walk Away the Pounds DVD and today I did the 3-mile walk for the first time. I'll probably do the 2 mile walk a few days a week and the 3-mile walk on the other days (when I have a little more time).

My goal is to lose about 10-12 lbs., which would put me back to where I was before I got pregnant. I lost most of my 50 lbs. of "pregnancy weight" in the first few months postpartum, but this last bit has lingered and lingered...and I think it's even gone up a few pounds - which is a new thing for me because I was always one of those eat-anything-never-exercise-and-never-gain-weight people. I'd say I eat relatively healthy...and I have no plans to change my diet at this point. My hope is that by adding consistent exercise to my daily routine I will lose this weight.

Anyone have good experience with these Leslie Sansone Walking (i.e. low-impact aerobics) videos?
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I have done it before, but found that it wasn't enough for me.
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I've had good results from it. I started it after my 6 week postpartum appointment when I wanted to walk with DD but it was too hot outside. I aimed for every day (which turned into 3-4x/week with a new baby). I also used a mom/baby strength training workout. I lost 9 pounds in the first month. I am exclusively breastfeeding, which I'm sure has a lot to do with my results, as well as being PP.

I do the 2 mile fast walk on the "Walk Off Even More Weight" DVD. I either use the weight belt that comes with it or put my daughter in the Moby wrap to up the intensity.
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Originally Posted by nola79 View Post
I have done it before, but found that it wasn't enough for me.
Yep this. I even did the Walk and Jog and was still not enough.
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No disrespect to Leslie, but I have done it and my mom does it and its kind of a cop out workout. I mean maybe its good to ease people into fitness but IMO you are not going to get at home results unless you break a serious sweat. I have had good results using On Demand in the past but I do the Jackie Warner or Jillian Michaels (or Harley Pasternak) videos. It kills you for straight 20 minutes but you are getting a good quick workout.
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I have several Leslie videos and rotate them when I'm in maintenance. I found them fantastic while I was pregnant, but as for losing weight? No. I have never lost weight on them and now that I'm desperately trying to lose those last 5-10 lbs., I know they wouldn't be enough.

I am not losing weight (yet!), but Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred is pretty great. It's a quick workout, but very effective. I'm 15 days in and I know I've lost inches.

Originally Posted by nola79 View Post
I have done it before, but found that it wasn't enough for me.
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I know this thread is old but I actually found it while doing a google search. lol.gif  I am a serious leslie fan so I had to reply!


As far as her workouts being "cop outs," her easier and shorter walks (1-2 and some 3 miles walks) are designed for people who are in bad shape-- obese, mobility impaired, elderly, recovering from injury.  If you are already in decent shape and don't have much to lose (remember, the last 10-15 pounds are always the hardest to lose) you will have to find one of her longer (4-5 miles) intense walking workout, preferably with weights or stretchie bands, and do it 5 times a week if not every day.  If you are still not losing weight after a few weeks of that, you probably need to look at your food intake (carefully of course if you are BFing). 


You could do a more brutal workout but one thing I like about leslie is that she is very safety conscious and the pacing/ intensity is flexible.  You can use the weights or not, you can follow every move or just walk in place if you can't manage.



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Well the information is new to me about Leslie.I never think about it that it is beneficial for weight lose but now i have learned much about it.it is a good thing for weight losing and i will try to lose weight with the help of Leslie.It is a good and new information and everyone should be aware of it.Thanks everyone for posting.

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Hi, I too stumbled upon the thread while doing a google search.


You are so right, the 1 mile is brilliant for me as I have no exercise history - I have a progressive muscle wasting condition and I am obese. It is the first time I have been able to do any cardio work - and boy was it hard work for me! I am so proud of myself for taking these baby steps!

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HI, I love the leslie series of tapes. I struggle with thyroid issues as well as arthritis and fibromyalgia, and hers is the only series I can do LONG TERM, which is key to becoming fit and healthy. I have always taken a proactive approach to my health, and I feel great when I work out 6 days a week. I have tried to push it with more intense tapes, but the setbacks throw me off for weeks, so I'd rather take the tortoise approach of slow and steay wins the race. I do not need to lose weight, but you definately get more toned, and increased muscle means a better metabolism, so I am sure if you watch what you eat, you can lose weight this way.

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I know this sounds extreme but i worked out for 2 hrs streight doing 3 dvds at a time and i lost 15 lbs in 1mth and 2 weeks I also did it everyday its been hard but i did it! not even dieting i'm almost where i want to be,  then i'll  drop to one hr a day I love it so much fun!

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I also did really well with Jillian Michaels.  Finally lost stomach fat after trying for months (lost it everywhere else though).  It also made me feel very good.  


There are different videos for different levels (when I started out I was seriously out of shape, so I needed something for beginners).


Here's more information on how it helped me and which videos I used when: http://www.squidoo.com/how-long-will-it-take-to-lose-20-pounds

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