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Help me choose

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Since the holidays are quickly approaching I need to get my "list" prepared for my in laws and my husband. I was planning on asking for our stroller from my FIL (he likes to spend) and was trying to decide which one I want. For the record, I use my moby pretty often and I have a hand-me-down JEEP stroller that I have yet to use (she's 2months). But there will be times when I want a stroller.

So...these are the one's I've pinned down at this point that I have interest in:

-Phil n Teds
-Quinny Buzz.

Some things to keep in mind- I want to jog with the stroller but I do have a JEEP stroller. I will probably be using it when she's a little larger and could be a replacement for an umbrella (if light enough). I like having the option for the two seats on the Phil N Ted but I'm not planning on having a second until she's probably too old for a stroller.

Which would choose? Something else entirely? Would you tell me just to forgo a stroller completely since i have the jeep? I'm not good at coming up with "things i want" lists so this seemed like an easy choice.
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what is "too old" for a stroller. If I had a phil and ted's my 4.5 yo would still use it on occaision. Not daily but certainly every once in a while. I'd go for the phil and ted's.
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I also have the Phil and Ted's stroller. While I still don't use it that often (at 14mo), I do plan on using it in the future. I bought it because of the double-seat feature for when I have another baby. So far it's been a great stroller, it's well made and handles really well.
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If you are going to run with it, I totally recommend the BOB, it has amazing steering and shocks, it feels like you barely have to touch it to push.

ETA I have a Jeep jogging stroller and there is no comparison
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