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Is your vegetarian (non-vegan) in public school? What are you packing for lunches? - Page 2

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for those of you who have children that require dairy free foods and even gluten free, try some sites for raw foods such as www.goneraw.com. it's an awesome site with great recipes that could really help you out. i recently made chocolate mousse with avocados, dates, cocoa powder and vanilla.......super yummy!! no dairy or grains. and no soy. i noticed alot of soy being mentioned but if it's not unprocessed fermented, then it's not that good of a food choice. too many hormone imbalancers in there especially for developing sexual organs in our kids. for other yummy lunches try beans and rice, lentils and rice, dal and rice, may need heating though for best taste. veggie chili is also nice with winter coming soon.
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peanut butter and jelly dogs

My little boy loves Not Dogs (what we call veggie Smart dogs), but I find those weird to eat cold, so I don't send them for lunch. We often end up with extra buns, and organic ones don't last long.

So I make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the hot dog bun, call it a "peanut butter and jelly dog," and he loves them. You know how a clever name or unusual presentation can make a meal more desirable to a kid ...

Of course you can mix it up with what goes in the bun. It simply becomes the handy vehicle for the meal or snack.
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I lunch-pool with another mama so I only have to pack lunches every other week. I love it. Not only do I get a week off, my son eats new things I wouldn't have thought to pack him, and when it is my turn to pack lunches, I'm a lot more motivated and creative than I would be if it were every day.

Our kids are just 3, so I think a lot about finger foods. Often, I plan dinner and the next day's lunch together. Usually it goes something like this:

Monday: Potstickers, made for dinner Sunday night with four reserved for each kid's lunch (you can buy frozen ones or make your own filling with tofu, egg and veggies)

Tuesday: Calzones (Monday night dinner was pizza, when I'm making it I make a calzone for each kid with tomato sauce, cheese, and some diced veggies inside.)

Wednesday: Pasta with pesto and veggies (again left over from dinner)

Thursday: Some kind of wrap, nut butter and jam, or cream cheese with shredded carrots, etc.

Each lunch usually also includes some raw veggies (cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, green pepper or green beans) and a cup of fruit. I have a bunch of frozen berries and pineapple in the freezer I add to fruit salads, they seem to like it.
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I also love the ideas at justbento.com

You can search for vegetarian bentos.
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I'm so glad to see this thread still going! Thank you for all of these ideas, Mamas! My vegetarian's new favorite lunches now include hummus and cheese sandwiches, carrots w/ ranch dressing and/or hummus, triscuits w/ peanut butter to dip, cottage doubles, fruit cups w/ wheat germ and cinnamon, etc. school is out now, but she is in drama camp right now so I get to make her lunch for that wink1.gif

Anyone have more websites on the topic to share?
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I have a 6 yo dd who just finished SK. We can't send any nuts/nut butter so we do:

-sunflower seed butter and jam sandwiches
-homemade veggie pizza
-veggies and hummus
-toasted tomato with mayo sandwiches
-seaweed almost daily for snack
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My 19mo isn't in school but I make lunch for when my FIL watches her bc she has major sensitivities to dairy and oats (oats she's borderline allergic - full body hives but doesn't mount an immune response so it's not a true allergy) and I unfortunately can't trust him to make healthy food decisions for her.  Hummus is pretty much a daily thing, as are some variety of beans just straight up, plain, in a bowl.  She loves seaweed.  Also salsa - the spicier the better, I can't even believe how much she likes spicy foods!  Guacamole too.  Honestly she prefers to eat these with a spoon most times, and if she does dip something, it's more like a quintuple dip bc she just licks it off and re-dips!  Frozen peas and any kind of berries are another favorite (certainly keeepss her regular when there's blueberries in the mix!).  She loves bread but I try to keep it to a minimum, usually with a nice coconut butter slathered on.  We're not vegetarian, sort of stick to minimal meats of the organic/free range/pole caught variety, so she does eat tuna.  Now with the garden in full bloom she's been snagging sugar snap peas, and basil (seriously she's depleating me of my pesto stash big time).

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We do a lot of thermos lunches including whole grain pastas, quinoa based dishes,  fried brown rice, and beans and rice. THe kids actually really prefer these


Main dish + fruit cup + something "special" like a few pieces of dried fruit/ cheddar bunnies / dried seaweed / freeze dried yogurt melts.

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Originally Posted by MamaRBH View Post

Tofu cooking is something I've struggled with for two years now.

Foreman grill. Add oil for extra crunch

I have to be honest. We order it from a local restaurant plain - no sauce - just tofu squares....she loooooves is. I don't get why when I cook it, it comes out NOTHING like she likes. Any tips, tofu mamas/eaters?
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