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Pumpkin picking near Philly

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Anyone know of a cheap pumpkin patch around Philly? Willing to travel to Jersey and other areas. I'm looking for one where we get to ride a wagon out to the pumpkin field and then ride it back to the main area. In the past we have gone to Shady Brook Farm and one other place, but I'm looking for one that isn't as expensive. Thanks
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congrats on your pregnancy!

this place has hayrides for $2.59/person. i can't tell how much pumpkins are but you could call http://www.freddyhill.com/events/upcoming-events.html

hope to see you some time soon!

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Johnson's Farm in Medford NJ
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Johnson's Farm (which I love) is a bit pricey. I believe Linvilla doesn't charge for the hay ride out to pick the pumpkin.

Seriously - the cheapest place to BUY the pumpkin seems to be the supermarket - you pay a premium to pick it yourself.
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We've always picked our pumpkins at Linvilla Orchards in Media. They have like a million gazillion big crates filled with all different sized pumpkins.
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