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AP-Friendly Child Pyschologist in MA?

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I am looking for an AP-friendly child or family pyschologist/therapist, preferably in central MA...or within an hour's drive (though we will travel farther if we have to). The really important things are that (1) this person must be AP-friendly, and (2) this person must not have a waiting list a mile long.

Any suggestions?
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Sharon Schwartz or Barbara Gangemi in Hopkinton, just one exit south on 495 from the Pike. I've seen them both, DS saw Barbara... feel free to PM with any ?s.

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Thanks a billion!
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I'm going to bump this up and see if there are any practices in the Worcester area.

Thanks, Sierra, for starting this post.

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subbing. :)

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I'll check with my colleagues here and see if anybody has space.

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So our ped ended up recommending Beth Ashenberg in Worcester (she has another office elsewhere too).  We've done an initial meeting with her.  I have a really  good feeling about her.

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I was going to suggest Warnie Webster - I liked her. Hope it works out with the doc you found, Sierra. 


Where do you live these days anyway? Somewhere near me? :)

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