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Tired, cranky baby won't sleep

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We've been having a bit of a rough time lately, so maybe someone in here can offer advice. Ruby is 4.5 months old. She got pneumonia about two weeks ago, and is now better, but since then she has been way fussier than usual. She is obviously tired, but fights sleep like crazy. I rock her, nurse her, put her down on her own and she fights all of it. She wakes up from her naps still sleepy and cranky. She doesn't sleep very much during the day, but she never has. She is gumming on everything but refuses teething toys. After the antibiotics, she went from being a twice a day pooper to once every two days, and her poor tummy is always bloated. She has a bit of a rash, but my mom had her in disposables on Saturday so I'm hoping that is what caused it, and not a food intolerance (she is getting donated breast milk and I cannot control what food was eaten). I just don't know what to do anymore. She was never a fussy, cranky baby before. She sleeps ok at night but daytime is a nightmare.
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I would start wearing her during the day when she's ready to sleep. It sounds like she's having a hard time sleeping on her own (since you said you put her down), so I would eliminate that barrier. A nice wrap or baby carrier is a godsend if you ask me!

Keep in mind that she is right at the age of a big sleep regression, and it may have nothing to do with her having been sick. Ask Moxie has a great article about regressions in general, and "The Wonder Weeks" is a fabulous book resource for mental growth spurts.
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Oh sorry, I meant that I've tried putting her down on her own a few times and she doesn't like it. She's in our arms 90% of the time during the day (at night she's in her co-sleeper and she loves the "neglectasaucer" so she spends a bit of time in there each day). The only carry she will tolerate right now is the "kangaroo" or lotus/buddha carry (facing out, with legs folded up). That might be in line with the sleep regression thing, since she just can't stand to miss anything. The problem with that carry is that she can't sleep very easily since her head flops over. She's also having a hard time drinking, but that could be the not wanting to miss any details thing, too. I'm going to try to order that book. We broke down and gave her a bit of Tempra in case it's teething but so far it's done nothing.
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I did stuff like prop blankets around his head so he could sleep in the front-facing carry at this age.

Another trick I use when he's overtired is,

I put on loud music, hold him very tight, and dance, walk, bounce *vigorously*. I support his head really well and just practically jump up and down. I can walk in a circle downstairs, or I walk around the perimeter of a room, in circles. I've found that he goes to sleep easier if I walk in circles in a small area, I guess because it's boring, rather than take a long walk outside, where the interesting sights keep him awake.

Once he's asleep, if my goal is for him to catch up on sleep, I would just hold him and nurse him back whenever necessary until he had a solid amount of sleep. I might devote several hours to this for a few days if possible... Once he's 'caught up' then sleep becomes easier again [sometimes].

It won't last forever. This too shall pass. [and then probably happen again, and then be over again, and then happen again.]
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