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Anyone want birth photos? My HBA2C :)

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X-Posted to VBAC

I'm slowly editing... I don't have a ton that aren't graphic (as in, baby crowning, lol) so I'm doing what I can to edit the ones that were only mildly graphic. There are pictures where you don't see anything at all but I am bottomless so the 'insinuation' is there... LOL.


Roughly 2 hours before he was born... yes, I'm smiling... my labor was awesome, I felt just intense pressure, even through transition... It was only pushing that hurt!

Breathing through a contraction... Though I quickly found out this was NOT the best position for comfort managing!

The ONE time I got out of the pool... It was SOOO much better in the water, lol.

Transition, I'm fairly certain. This was either shortly before or after I made a comment in panic that my midwife wasn't going to make it.

Resting during pushing...

Our birth team:
Our midwife is in the yellow, birth assistant is standing and the doula/birth asst in training is kneeling on the floor

And of course, I have boatloads of pictures of him crowning and with his head out but I'm not posting my hoo-ha all over the 'net, lol.

Catching my own baby!:
My midwife supported him on the way up because I couldn't reach to get the greatest of grip... I pushed in a semi-recline and I was so huge that I just couldn't get around my belly enough to catch him by myself!

Moments after birth:

Enjoying and waiting for the cord to stop pulsing:

Daddy cutting the cord:
Of three babies, DH has never had this chance until now. It was a teary moment for me knowing that...

Meeting big brother!:
I woke Caleb when I screamed... I did fine keeping low tones until I tore UP... Youch!

Our first nursing session:

Sorry for the photo overload! Sad is that there are ton more, but they're graphic... LOL.
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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these are amazing - congratulations!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks so much for sharing, and congratulations!
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Beautiful pictures, mama! Congrats!

(And can I just say it is wonderful to see pictures of a mama closer to my own size! Thank you! )
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*all choked up* beautiful pics! Congrats mommy! You made it look so easy..
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Beautiful! So inspiring. Thanks for sharing
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Happy to share

babygirlie - it actually WAS pretty easy... Labor was a breeze and I held conversation and laughed and joked through a good majority of it. A good friend of mine was here (and was awesome support) and I know we joked and laughed through alot of early labor. She took the photos for me :

Heather - I know I hesitated to share photos because I am certainly not a smaller mama and wel, 3 kiddos have sure done a number on my stomach lol. But I know that we are all women of various shapes and sizes and my birth was too amazing and empowering not to share. I got HUGE this go around (increased fundal height, I measured 45 weeks at the birth and he was only 40+5) too.
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Oh my goodness!!! I am totally crying right now - these are beautiful! I especially love the one of you catching the baby. The look on your man's face is priceless.

Good job mama!!!
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Very awesome! Thanks for sharing!
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