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ryleeee... sounds like you have a lot to distract yourself from start that thread girl!
sorry you're feeling so crappy!!!!!
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my best friends had their baby about 10 minutes ago!!!!
:j oy
yay!!!!!!!!!!! welcome baby mira faith!!!!!!
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I love cooking. It's my meditation. My family was in restaurants so, growing up alot of love was expressed through food. It's been really hard not feeling up to it, or just downright like crap lately. Its such a viscious cycle for me. If I dont put good quality food in every few hours then it just snowballs till Im lying on the couch with DD watching Dora the Explorer all day because if I move I want to puke.. and, I hate puking. Casseroles and freezer cooking = comfort food to me.

What kind of food does your family like? I love sharing recipes.

If you want a really great, pretty quick and easy (once you get the hang of the phyllo) recipe, I love the cooking light phyllo pizza. It's lowerfat then regular pizza.

I actually like it better then pizza. Which is shocking to me because I used to love pizza. I oven roast sugar tomatoes, use gorgonzola instead of feta and put on frozen artichoke hearts, lots of green onions and sliced mushrooms. Ive also used goat cheese and gruyere... added olive slices, leftover diced chicken, carmelized onions..I love this dish. It makes me want to eat a big salad too. They just go together. The phyllo dough takes a bit of getting used to, but if you keep it covered with a damp tea towel, then it's not bad at all once you get the hang of it. It also works so much better for me if it is just a little chilled, almost room temp. If you defrost it, make sure it is good and defrosted or else it will shatter all over on you. If you dont roast the tomatoes this doesnt take long at all to throw together.

On the other end of the spectrum of fat, but atleast they are relatively good fats .. Ive got a good peanut sauce recipe that Ill make a triple or quadruple batch of and freeze. Then I can just pull out boring chicken breasts, put on some quinoa, wilt some spinach and microwave the sauce. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes hands on time and the big batch of sauce takes about 20 if you have a blender or food processor.

You are gonna love it! Mmm lemon curd. It makes me want scones. I made the pie late last night and Im making myself wait until after dinner today. I really like it chilled and set up, so it's a good sacrifice. Then all bets are off, and Im going to eat some adobo chicken for the protein and two pieces of pie. I hope it tastes as good as the craving. I made it alot more tart then sweet, so hopefully.

I dont have the clinical diagnosis.. but I know I exhibit BED if Im not carefull. Bullemia controlled my highschool and early college years. I dont purge anymore, but before some seriously intense therapy using lifespan integration - I still Binged.

Now I can stop myself if Im being mindful and not stuck in somekind of emotional turmoil, but it's a concerted effort. I dont make cookies unless I know I can cut the recipe portions significantly with good results or they are leaving my house that day. I wont sit down and eat a whole cake.. but over the course of a day, I sure would shove 20 cookies into my mouth. My first pregnancy my craving was chocolate chip cookies. There is a whole bunch of emotional symbolism in chocolate chip cookies, particullarly, for me and that craving heightened the emotions of my first pregnancy and seriously aggravated my BED. Luckily I got a hold of myself after a couple batches..

Im also a 14. I've spent the last 2 years getting healthier in my life, working out, trying to eat healthy, not really diet. I lost 27 lbs before we found out we were pregnant this time and Im really hoping not to gain more then 20 this pregnancy. Im focusing on quality foods and hoping to pick the treadmill back up after this trimester.

Have you read the book, Mothering without a Map. It really resounded with me.

I dont really dig the vivid pregnancy dreams either. They are way worse when Im stressed about something too.

We have coslept and will continue to do so for the next couple years, most likely. But I want to get my DDs room decorated as her special place before the baby comes. I want her to have a place to go that isnt some kind of isolation, but that she enjoys. We are going to repaint the walls like the darker blue walls with he vines on http://disney.go.com/disneyhome/disn...d/tinkbed.html We found a daybed with a trundle on craigslist and hubby repainted it warm white.. It has been impossible to find good daybed bedding for a reasonable price.

I think Im going to go get an IKEA comforter and cover the top with http://www.fabric.com/just-arrived-j...d-29889bf8fb7b then use this as either a piping or edging http://www.fabric.com/just-arrived-j...d-29889bf8fb7b -Ill use the blue to make big bolster covers and make a couple accent pillows with the green. I also want to make these but havent decided on the fabric yet.

And this http://makesomething.ca/2009/01/23/twinkle-blackboard/

I'll just buy a white box pleat bedskirt. We still need to find a tall dresser on craigslist.

Hopefully this will all come together quick. Id like to get the room completely done by Christmas.
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i dreamed the other night that i was currently pregnant and my husband was the father, but he wasn't my husband in my dream-- i was cheating on my ex (whom in real life i left for my now husband) who was coming back from deployment and i had to tell him. so in the dream when he gets back from deployment, he grabs me up in his arms and kisses me. oh. my. god. i wanted to throw up in my dream and when i woke up. it was so vivid.
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mamachef it's on my list for the next amazon trip. looks great.
I have gotten a lot more healthy... but have not really lost any weight. I just have to be ok with that now, and also know that for the most part, I don't really binge any more... nor do I really overeat like I used to. I just have a big portion (or maybe a second) and that's overeating for me. When I think about what I used to put away... wow. There was little "stop" mechanism. Now I don't like that feeling of over full.

Crazy, but I haven't had any real cravings this pregnancy. There have been low blood sugar incidents, sure, and there was that time with the jalapeno poppers and last night with buttery noodles, but I don't really consider them need cravings, more like wants. I got bloodwork done before preg. and everything was pretty darn good so I'm thinking I've got good mineral/vit stores in place.

So chatty chat chat... I popped over to the fabulous one thread and wished them some - looking forward to the opening of the July DDC thread makes me feel like more of an old timer. Woohoo!
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I also struggle w/ an eating disorder, mostly compulsive overeating. When not pregnant, I keep it in check by counting my calories, etc. It's harder to keep it in check when pregnant. It also does not help that I write restaurant reviews for a living, but thankfully, that's only a few times a month.

I've been so moody this week!!! My children are driving me nuts! AGHHH!
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So apparently my nausea is caused by high stomach acid. I figured this out when it turned in to reflux I am some where between 7 weeks 4 days and 8 weeks 6 days. Anyway, I've been craving tomatoey foods all this time so now I'm having to find new things to want...going in the direction of pretzels and crackers. Quite a change.
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camprunner, you can try diluting your stomach acid by drinking more water. The liver goes kinda crazy making hormones in the first tri and it works in cahoots with the gallbladder to slow down digestion and increase bile. I worked with a midwife who had a theory that the meat aversion stages of early pregnancy were because everything is so slowed down digestively by the hormones.

My kid keeps stealing my Snoogle. I got it yesterday when her and Daddy were out for a walk and got to enjoy it for like 20 minutes. It was so nice. At bedtime she cuddled me and her teddy like normal, but when I came to bed at 10 she was in my snoogle. I tried to pick her up and she all flung herself backwards into it and whimpered. I got to take a nap with it earlier and it was glorious.

It was actually the best night of sleep Ive ever had, even waking up with the hurting hips. Usually she is on top of me all night squirming around. She didnt move from the Snoogle till 7 am. Daddy put her to bed tonite and he said she wouldnt give up the Snoogle and I should order her one just so we can all sleep comfortably. I have a Lil' Snoogle on the way. It would be so wonderful if we could repeat this every night. I love having my kiddo near me, but hate how fidgety she can be.
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Mamachef - Is there anything you can do or take while pregnant to help support or gently cleanse your liver? My MW mentioned that she has read recently that they think the state of your liver(and the amount of toxins in it, including pregnancy hormones) may effect how bad your morning sickness is.

I'm still puking a couple times a day and feeling nauseous off and on all day. And am So tired...I'm getting ready to go to bed now and it's not even 10pm. I just wish my dh could be continually supportive instead of swinging back and forth in his moods. I cannot wait for this first trimester to be over.
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I started taking 50mg of B6 in the morning and before bed a few days ago (100mg/day total).... and am feeling SO much better. The nausea and the extreme fatigue are both letting up substantially.
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Nutter, so glad to hear the B6 is working for you! I got some at our co-op yesterday and took it last night and again this morning. I'm also taking one dandelion root cap with it and I'm hoping it will start helping in the next few days! It would be great to have the fatigue let up!
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I dreamed about my craving I had yesterday!!!! I wanted McAlister's cookies but I couldn't get them yesterday so I made up for it in my dream by getting a bunch haha
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Just did my scan...
LO was waving arms and legs!!
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i will be 8 weeks monday, and i just want to quit my job and lay in bed all day. i wish i could fast forward to week 12 to see if i start feeling better by then. i really am blindsided by feeling so awful. i haven't really actually puked that much, just constant feeling of queasiness and exhaustion.

sorry to complain so much.
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Originally Posted by seafox View Post
threw up bile again today (so second time this pregnancy). I hate that! Its so much harder than throwing up food, it is just exhausting. The mr. was nice enough to let me sleep in a bit, since DS has been up nursing a bunch the last few days (poor babe, sprained his ankle on thursday) but that meant I got too hungry, I guess.

I also seem to have a slight head/chest cold, which is seeming to make the nausea worse - the slight taste of phlegm I guess in the back of the throat? ugh.

but I guess its good I threw up today - I'm 8 weeks, hoping it means babe is still doing well my first appt in a week, but guessing no u/s until 11/12 weeks, so a while before we tell anyone. Though I wanted to tell some of my frisbee team given how badly I'm playing lately (just so tired!) I keep doling out the 'I'm sick' excuse.
I've been sick with a cold too for the past week and a half. It sucks. I know exactly what you mean about the miserable feeling/taste of phlegm in your throat! It's awful any time, but ESPECIALLY when you can barely keep your tummy inside you anyway! Ick! I'm getting over my cold slowly but surely. Hope you feel better soon too!
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Hugs to all the ladies who are feeling crappy! Hopefully it is over soon.

About strange pg dreams: the other night I dreamt that I was puttering around the house with the new baby in my arms, dressed in the little red jumper I bought a while ago. My dad calls and it occurs to me that I hadn't called him yet to let him know that the baby got here last night. He asks me how the birth went and I realize I don't know, because I SLEPT through it! I had to go find my dh and ask him whether it was a boy or a girl because I hadn't looked (it was a boy). I was so irritated at the thought that I had missed my child's birth that it woke me up.
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Originally Posted by katiedidbug View Post
You ladies are so much better at keeping things secret than I. I told pretty much everyone right away. I just can't keep my mouth shut.
Me tooo! I'm not a secret-keeper (not my own secrets, anyway...I can keep other people's!) We told family a couple days after finding out. (@ 4 wks!) and then started telling all our friends the next week! I figure, I'd rather share than not, and then if (God forbid) something were to happen, I'd rather have the people I love in on the situation!
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Originally Posted by nixnc View Post
i will be 8 weeks monday, and i just want to quit my job and lay in bed all day. i wish i could fast forward to week 12 to see if i start feeling better by then. i really am blindsided by feeling so awful. i haven't really actually puked that much, just constant feeling of queasiness and exhaustion.

sorry to complain so much.
I feel the same! 8 weeks today and I can barely be up for 5 minutes! It's awful, because I have a VERY active 19 month old. I feel so bad saying "mama feels sick, honey." She keeps coming and trying to take my hand and lead me places, but I just feel like if I stand up, I'll heave all over her! We've been resorting to the TV, which I feel a little guilty about (she's started pointing to it and asking to "see? see?"), but mostly just reading lots of books and giving her as much time with grandma as possible.
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my goodness...i had SUCH a disturbing pregnancy dream last night. it was so vivid...i dreamt that our baby girl had arrived and i was shocked that i was so far along, she was just a fast developer i guess...but it was a dream within my dream that she had arrived and when i woke up from it (not in real life, in my actual dream) my mom and husband wanted to have me committed because they thought i was crazy for telling everyone the baby had come...when i had dreamt it. it was so disturbing! i cried and cried. then i woke up and thought "oh! it was just a dream!" but then i was weirded out because it had already BEEN a dream so i was confused for a few minutes. man that was horrible.
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