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Creative Butterfly Costume

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DD wants to be a butterfly for Halloween.

Last year she was a kitty and I really like the Pottery Barn Kids kitty costume and sort of copied it.

Any ideas for the wings?

My challenge is that I like to put it together myself while not spending alot but once you buy the tights, leotard, etc. and all of the supplies it seems like I end up spending the same as buying a new costume.

Any suggestions?

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Shop thrift or consignment. You should be able to get everything except maybe the wings. Wings are pretty easy to make using coat hangers and tights and a little glitter.
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Ah just looked at the costume online... those are some cool wings. Can you sew? I think they'd be fairly easy to make. Just cut out the basic outline for each wing part, sew wrong sides together, turn right side out and stuff a bit, then put the wing pieces together and add straps. Actually you could even use fabric glue instead of sewing.
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I recently purchased a butterfly fairy costume for my daughter. Instead of wings that hook onto her back, the costume has long glove-like sleeves (no fingers and goes to the elbow) with a wing (flap of fabric) hooked to the sleeve. There is a small loop that hooks to one of her fingers. I'm not sure I am describing this well. Basically she can move her arms and they become wings.
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Originally Posted by Angelorum View Post
if you click the larger image link there is a picture of the wings laid out so you can see how they were put together.
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I am making my own version of these wings: felt wings. They are two layers of felt with batting between the layers. You could knit a hat with antennae made of pipe cleaners to pair with the wings.
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When my dd was 2, I made wings out of an old ballet skirt of mine--basically a piece of chiffon sewn onto a ribbon. I used snaps to attach the ribbon to the wrists and neckline of a long-sleeved shirt, so that the skirt fabric hung down. She loved them because she could actually flap the wings!
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I made some wings similar to these http://www.sarahssilks.com/catalog/d...silk-wings.htm

I took a rectangle of fabric, which reached from one wrist to the other and from DDs shoulders to about her knees and hemmed all the edges. I attached loops of ribbon to the top corners to loop around the wrists (though DD prefers to hold them). In the middle of the top edge I attached a long length of ribbon, This goes over her shoulders, crosses at the front and then goes round her waist to hold the wings in place. Finally I ran a couple of lines of stitching up the middle of the wings and gathered them.

For a butterfly DD worn the wings with black leggings and T shirt. We attached pipe cleaners to a plastic headband for antenna.
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