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lactating but not nursing

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Ok, not sure what the deal is and am looking for some help.

The other day I felt the "let down" feeling in my breasts. A couple of days later, in the shower, I noticed that I am producing a small amount of colostrum or milk. I have not nursed my youngest in over a year. I have been pregnant 3 times in the past year (m/c all of them), but the last m/c was in June. As of today, I am still testing negative on pg tests.

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I believe this is fairly common. Some herbs to help dry-up might be useful. I don't have time to post them now (need to go to bed!) but wanted to bump the post if other mom's know some.

If not, I'll be back
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I didnt want to start a whole new thread on this but I am lactating and I havent nursed in almost 3 years!
I had blood work and urine tested and I am not PG, so I have no clue as to whats going on? I havent been around any new babies, I dont get my AF(I am on meds to prevent it because my AF is too severe), and I cant figure this out.
My breasts are sore, itch, and I am for some reason producing milk(not a lot, just a bit).
Is it even possible to get so many negative tests(including a recent pap)and still possibly be PG?
I cant figure out any other reason as to why I would be lactating? I tried herbs as well, and nothing. I only noticed it after my morning shower the other day before work.
I am also gaining weight, so I am wondering if maybe my meds are masking the PG hormones that cause a positive test result? Maybe I got PG after my pap test?
I am just talking it out and looking for ideas, because my OBGYN tells me that she has no idea why I would be lactating
I suppose I am just confused?
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My son has been weaned for about a year and a half and I still produce milk (and sometimes colastrum) at the [I]slightest[I bit of nipple stimulation.
I would love to know what herbs dry it up. I'm really tired of feeling engorged.
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The herbs sage and parsley are good choices. Mint is good too, but you need it in much higher strength. They are fairly easy to come by, but try to get an organic form so your herbs are not irradiated.

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Thanks! I was really concerned that it meant something was wrong. Glad to know it's probably not a big deal.
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