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Bladder Infection?

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So I got a call from my OB and they said my urine test came back and showed I have a bladder infection. I had no clue and this would be my first ever lol I looked up the symptoms and they are about the same as pregnancy haha How are we supposed to know? Are they gonna test every visit? Am I prob gonna have more?
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I had one unknowingly at the beginning of my 5th pregnancy. My mw found it in my urine sample. She wasn't all that concerned and just told me to drink cranberry juice. By my next visit it was completely gone and never came back the whole pregnancy.
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They do a urine test at the first visit to check for asymptotic UTI. It is generally only done at the first visit. It is my experience that as the pregnancy progresses UTIs become much more symptomatic. Most providers will have you take an antibiotic.
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I've had them at both my early OB appts now. Both times I've been given antibiotics. Not sure why I get them when I'm pregnant though

I did have one a week before delivery with my DD. It was horrible. It was so painful and I had blood in my urine OUCH!
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With my last pregnancy they checked my urine every time I went in. I didn't mind, because I get a lot of UTI's. If it becomes painful, you can take D-Mannose (found at whole foods or usually any health store). It's very helpful at prevention, sometimes curing based on the bacteria strand causing the infection and relieves the urgency and pain.
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With my daughter...I had an asymptomatic UTI around 9 weeks with her. I didn't know it until I was so sick I couldn't keep ANYTHING down....including water. I threw up so badly and felt so bad that we did go to the ER where they weren't even going to take a urine sample until I insisted. Sure enough...it was bad. I got abx immediately and felt fine the next day!

With my first miscarriage, I also had a UTI that was pretty bad. Also asymptomatic.

I am wondering if I have one now as well. I will find out..but won't be taking abx right away as I think I would like to try D Mannose and cranberry juice first to see if that helps. I am very wary of abx in pregnancy.

Drink LOTS of water.....even more than normal...so you use the bathroom a lot. Push when you are urinating to help dislodge any bacteria that are stuck in your tract. PURE cranberry jucie...the kind that tasts yucky..is best...from a health food store. Also D Mannose or cranberry pills!!!

Good luck!!!
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Thanks for all the advice. I got some sort of medicine from the doctor. I hate cranberry juice...like really can't stand it lol But I only drink water anyway so maybe that helped it not be so bad?
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