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Baby dive-bombing nipple...???

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My little guy (4 wks) has started doing this thing where he'll kind of peck at my nipple, putting his whole open mouth around it but not latching, and then throwing his head back. He'll do this several times, typically in the middle of a feeding, and then latch again and keep eating. I've tried offering him a break or switching sides, but that doesn't seem to be what he's after.

It's not bad, necessarily, just...weird! Has anyone else experienced this?
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My baby is also four weeks, and he started doing something similar, pretend to latch a couple times, always with a mischevious look on his cute little face. I have decided he is just playing with me, and I laugh at him and wait for his serious latch which is usually also accompanied by his super serious/ferocious face.
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Yeah. My DD2 was FAMOUS for this. What I eventually figured out was that my silly boobs would actually let down more milk when she did that-- popping on and off seems to elicit more milk to come down. So when the flow slowed down, she'd do that for awhile, until I was like totally and then she'd settle down and nurse happily once she got a good flow going again.

You may notice he does it more during growth spurt periods-- it may mean he's working on building and increasing your supply, by demanding multiple letdowns. He's letting your breasts know to make MORE, MOMMY, MORE.
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lol my almost 4 week old son does this now as well!!!
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My son used to do that too. Now that he is 2 and he will do it and crack up because it makes me crack up. I don't think your baby needs a break...they know when they are done. You could switch sides if you want but, like I said....mine did it and he's two now and a happy little guy -for the most part
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We EC our DD and that was a common sign when she was that age that she had to pee or poop! Even if you don't EC it is nice to know what is going on!
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We just are trying to start EC (yesterday!) and someone told us that this was a sign for them...doesn't really appear to be for us, but I'll keep an eye out for it...I hope it's a sign, because it's hard to miss!
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My DD (3.5 months) also pecks like a chicken sometimes. I guess I haven't paid close enough attention to what it might mean though. I do find it funny/silly.
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