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Appetite Increase Anyone

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Ok, so I had a ton of nausea and am still (rarely) throwing up in the a.m....I'll be 19 weeks on Wed. and as of a couple of weeks ago I had gained maybe 5 lb...on Fri. I found out I gained 13 lb (!) and I have to say I am just so incredibly hungry...the midwives asked me to do this nutritional exercise and write down everything I eat for three days and wow...I'm hungry! Mostly high quality, with some desserts...and to think I hope to keep it to 35 lb this time...we'll see. Anyone else have an appetite that just EXPLODED like mine recently?

By for now, I have to go look in the fridge...
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YES! these last 2 weeks... there is no full point. i gained 2lbs week before last and 2 last week. i hadn't gained any before that though.
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not really I'll had odd meals where I feel hungry but nothing major. i don't think i have gained anyhting yet but we'll see next week when i have my midwives appt
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Oh yes. I love food, pregnant or not, but suddenly I'm ravenous. I am so tired of feeling hungry all the time. I'm so tired of eating! But I'm still having some food aversion, so I'm not sure I'm eating enough. Bleah.
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I'm with you!

My afternoon snack has gotten bigger, and so have my lunches.

Also having a bedtime snack most nights. I started having one early on so I could take my vitamins and go to sleep (to avoid the yuck of vitamins). It's worked great and now I'm still doing it!
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yup. second breakfasts and lunches every day. still haven't gained any weight, but i think that is because it is being counteracted by some muscle loss from not working out so much. not a great combo, but oh well.
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Me too. Not snacking too much between meals (well, apples) but I'm definitely having seconds a lot more than usual. And things taste REALLY good!
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It's been a couple of weeks now I am eating all day long. I don't really eat full meals but I am nibbling on something almost every 1-2 hours. I hope to gain less this time around because I started out a little heavier than last pregnancy but we'll see.
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I am 17w2d today and all of a sudden it has hit me. I have actually not gained any weight yet (down a couple of pounds) so I have been worried about that. I assume that will change soon, I hope I packed enough in my lunch.
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So hungry!! I'm 17w 2d, I'm finally not sick at all so at least healthy rawish stuff sounds good now. I always gain so much in the 1st and 2nd tri- the first because I eat constantly to ward off puking, and in the 2nd because I'm so hungry.
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I read the baby grows a lot between 16-19 weeks. I was SO HUNGRY a couple weeks ago, but it has kind of evened out. I'm not eating a second breakfast, and if I eat a small quick lunch and a single helping at dinner, I'm fine, although if there's dessert, I'm all over it.

What kills me though is that during that 2 weeks, I gained FOUR POUNDS! I was down three, so I'm only up one for the pregnancy, but I was already overweight and I don't think I'm going to get to exercise, so I really want to go slow on the weight gain.

A big protein breakfast really helps me a lot. I noticed on the days I have cereal for breakfast, I could eat a horse.
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I am glad I am not the only one wanting 2nd breakfast and eating more... makes me feel better that maybe it is something to do with the 16-19 weeks time frame so that it might not continue. I also gained 2 pounds last week.

But my total of 13 pounds up now my midwife said that was fine and she was happy with that. I think it is less then where I was last time (I gained 56) so I am not too unhappy about it.
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My MD said I lost 14 lbs in the month before I found out I was expecting. My BP was high and I was dehydrated so MD said get to OB right away. OB said I had HG. I was really sick for about 9 weeks, eating mainly rice and applesauce. I didn't start gaining weight until about 3 weeks ago.

I have a few foods I eat daily. Big salad, string cheese, pb&j and lots of milk.

I crave spaghetti and meat sauce.

I had food aversions before pregnancy - no chicken, hot dogs (or hot dog shaped food) and yogurt. My hubs keeps waiting for me to ask for them. LOL!
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