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Rowan Graham is here!!!

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My daughter, Rowan Graham, was born Friday, October 8th after 13 hours of labor and two hours of pushing. The delivery was much more traumatic than I anticipated and did not follow my initial birth plan, but I did still deliver a beautiful, healthy 7 lb 5 oz 20" girl vaginally with the coaching assistance of my DH and my mom. This is by far the most surreal and magnificent thing that has ever happened to me. To those still waiting--especially first time moms like me--you have no idea the love that is ahead of you.
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Congratulations!!! Welcome Rowan!
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Congratulations, mama! And what a beautiful name. Welcome, little Rowan!
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Congrats!! Welcome baby Rowan! I'm sorry your birth experience was more traumatic than you were expecting...but so happy that all went well in the end!
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Congrats mama! Gorgeous name
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Awww congrats, mama! Welcome, Rowan! I can't wait to know that love!
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Congrats and welcome baby!
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Congrats and welcome to motherhood. I'm sorry that your birth experience didn't go the way you wanted it too.
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Congrats to you, her name is beautiful! Motherhood is the best! Enjoy your new journey
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Congratulations and welcome Rowan! Beautiful name.
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Congrats Mama!! It's a love that grows and grows, something you never know is possible until you experience it!
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Congratulations. Rest up and enjoy your little one.
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