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Okay, I need to whine a bit. It's been a week now. The past two nights have yielded very erratic sleep because I'm up so often with the ctx. No cervical progression, in fact I think it's a bit thicker, and she's actually higher today than she has been for the last week.

There's still some confusion on my dates because I took clomid to get pregnant as I do not usually ovulate on my own. When I do, I ovulate on CD16 or so. The cycle I conceived, my chart showed a 'maybe' ovulation on around there. My EDD of Nov 12th (based on an early scan) means I would have ovulated on CD26, but there's nothing even remotely O-ish on my chart at that point. This pregnancy started off as twins, but we lost one meaning there's a lot of conflicting data. So I could be in my 37th week instead of my 36th.

Because of this, I haven't been doing anything to encourage labour at all and am still taking it a bit easy because if she needs more time, I'm not going to force the issue, kwim? But I REALLY wish this would just progress to real labour or stop altogether.