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logistics: catching while nursing

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I've just started EC with my 4-week-old son. I haven't figured out many of his cues yet, so I'm trying to do some timing-based catches. I know he almost always eliminates while nursing (though not at a consistent point in the feeding), so I thought that would be a good one to do based on timing. Last night, for two feedings, I held a wipes box between my thighs, and held him over it. I caught 2 pees and a poop! But he hated it! He's used to resting on a Boppy while he nurses, and being held in the air over a plastic box must not have been as nice. I also had trouble doing a good belly-to-belly nursing position while having him still positioned so that poop would go into the box, rather than spraying across the room. I also just had an awful time holding everything in place. DS was so uncomfortable that he threw a tantrum while nursing (maintaining his latch--kind of impressive!), which gave him awful gas for several hours. He also kicked the wipes box, covering both of us, and our chair, in pee.

I abandoned this idea and put his diaper back on. He's much happier now.

So..how do you do it? Should I give up on this one until his cues are clearer and I'm understanding them well enough to only need a receptacle at the moment of truth and not for the whole time? The "while nursing" pees are the ones I'm the most interested in catching, because he always gets nice and calm while eating, but freeeaks out afterward when he realizes his diaper is wet...so I change him and he wants to nurse for comfort...and if I let him, he wets his diaper again...EC sounded like a way to break the vicious cycle.
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I also haven't had much luck with pottying while nursing, I wait until DS (12 weeks) starts popping off or major squirming and we rush to the potty, then finish nursing afterward. His control has improved a bit over time as far as being able to hold it during nursing.
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I don't have any advice or tips, just that I had the same problem, the logistics of in-arms EC. I found it really difficult to hold him over a recepticle while nursing and even when not nursing, he wasn't into it. I decided to wait until he was able to hold his head up. We are there now (3 mo old)..... so back to it again.

Good luck momma
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I always used a potty bowl while nursing with much sucess. I would rest the babes bottom on the potty bowl while nursing her. She was comfortable, I was comfortable and there was no mess.
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I haven't gotten it down either...I just try to give her an opportunity right before or right after eating insted. The wipes box is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that one. Perhaps a larger basin would be better though?
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