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Glad to hear that things are working out even faster that you expected! Hang in there, mama
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Yaaahhooooo! Beer money! Hehe, jk. I'm in a silly mood today. Congratulations, how wonderful!

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Orange, I think you're exactly right about me being more inwardly focused right now. I also know what you mean about being pissed off at the denial, haha... even when I don't want something, being told I can't have it annoys me too! I'll probably have a glass of wine or a beer every once in awhile once I pass the 12-week mark, but until then I just wouldn't enjoy it, I'd be too worried.

We just got a rather large check we weren't expecting for another month or so, which gives us some breathing room until the next gig starts up. Whew! So I'm quitting the club I don't like, pulling one or two more shifts at the one I do like, and focusing on other projects in the meantime. What a huge load off my back! It's almost like that check coming early was a sign.
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LOL! Thanks! I'm a lot better today.
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