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? Moving to Roseburg, Oregon...

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My DH and I could be moving to Roseburg. He has an interview there in two weeks, we and our youngest are flying out there for a few days.

Sadly, I have been able to find out sooo little about the area-in every way.

I emailed the LLL leader for Roseburg=no answer

We don't know anyone, but I have been joking for years that we need to move to OR so I can be 'normal' (instead of the only EC, HB, CD, BFing momma). So even though we had decided to hold the job-change search-then this one came up-APPLY-I said, and now we think he is the #1 candidate.

Sadly, I would need to find a job there to make the move doable. I am an RN (with a hospital work history in high-risk NICU, and also then a crunchy L&D unit) and an IBCLC. I have also been dabbling a bit assisting a CPM friend around here.

If anyone has any mommy group connections, or job? connections ideas that they could share with me? Or even just general info about the area. I know that it is 60 miles from the shore, and ~70 south of Eugene.

I should add, my DH and I are from PA, then lived in SC for 4 years, and have been in Cincinnati OH for the last 3. Oregon has been a 'pipe dream', although we know no one on the west coast.

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Roseburg is decent. Smaller town, not quite as crunchy as I would like but close enough to Eugene for that. I don't have any connections there anymore unfortunately.
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I am in Eugene (my hometown) and DH is from Roseburg where his parents still live. It is definitely smaller and more conservative than Eugene. It also has a higher retiree population. I don’t have any details about jobs or mom’s groups. But my MIL is really into alternative medicine, buying local and organic. So I know there are midwives, acupuncture, naturopaths, health food stores (well one) and organic farms in that area. There is also a great little pagan/mystical shop we sometimes visit.

Oregon’s largest VA clinic and hospital is located there. Their main hospital is Mercy Medical which I think they just expanded and rebuilt in recent years. http://www.mercyrose.org/

I’ll just say my absolute favorite thing about Roseburg is WildLife Safari!! I loved it has a kid and now my kid loves going there too! http://www.wildlifesafari.net/
They have the country's largest and most successful cheetah breeding program.

Roseburg is also a bit drier for the NW and outside the main seasonal allergy area of Oregon.

If I find more info and think of anything helpful I will post.

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Well, that's more than I had to begin with. It also, cannot be more conservative than Cincinnati Ohio. The bfing rates here are in the toilet, among other major issues. (super Catholic-and not accepting of others, super Conservative Republican)

I already talked to Mercy, and I have no experience that carries over to the VA. Anyone know of any good MD offices in the area? If there is someone more local?
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FWIW, we just moved to Oregon a month ago and we love, love, love it here. Love the environment, love the people. We have no close family here, but we're so busy enjoying life here that it isn't as hard as we thought it would be.

As for Roseburg, DH's great aunt moved there in the 80s. He's been to see her a few times and says that it's a very nice place. We recently visited his family there and I absolutely loved it. Nice "towny" feel.

Sorry that wasn't much info, but I just wanted to lend some encouragement. Good luck!
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My MIL also lives in Roseburg area. She has been dealing with family medical issues the last several years, and she has a LOT of connections with the medical community, both traditional and alternative. It really is a very nice area, and I'm sure you will find the "crunchy" side in time! I do happen to know of a Natural Food Store on Diamond Lake Blvd., although I haven't been there yet! I think a lot of times LLL in small communities goes by the wayside for a while, maybe that's why no reply.
If you like, I can ask her for some specific recommendations and such.
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The local paper is the News Review - here's a link to their classfieds:http://apps.nrtoday.com/utils/c2/app...p?do=directory

Wow not many ads but a couple were medical related.

Here's a link for I Hire Nursing, for Roseburg nursing jobs:

And Indeed search for Nursing jobs and Roseburg:


These might give up some facility address and phone numbers you can follow up on. Not to scare you but Douglas county has the highest unemployment in Oregon. It's like 15% currently :-(

My FIL worked in a drug treatment place here in Eugene and commuted each day to work until he retired. We do have a new large hospital in Eugene/Springfield. It looks like a resort hotel LOL Here is the link:


You can search PeaceHealth for Eugene/Springfield, Roseburg and other towns, too.

Really hope this helps!

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