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October Chat!

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Couldnt find a weekly chat thread, and they tend to not get that long anyway so I thought I'd start one for the month.

Firstly, congrats to all the Mama's and Papa's who have had their babes! I just love logging in in the morning and seeing a new babe has been born I cant wait for my turn!

How is everyone doing?
For the last two nights I have been convinced that my labour is starting while I'm sleeping. Like I'm kind of half awake thinking that I'm having contractions, but I never fully wake up. So annoying!
I'm 39 weeks now and so ready for this baby to be born. Sometimes I have a mini freak out when I realise that I'll very likely have a new babe in the next two weeks
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I haven't been coming here very often. It's kind of disappointing to read all these babies being born and not mine. It's okay though. I know my baby will come when he's ready.

Belly is hard most of the time. Hoping that baby is in prime position for birthing. House is ready. Carpets got shampoo'd by DH yesterday. I'm going to put the chicken on for dinner here in an hour. Rolls are done in the oven beeping at me right now. I have lots of laundry to do today. But other than that, I'm taking it easy on the cleaning. Just maintenance. Dishes, sweeping, vacuuming. I've done the deep cleaning already that I wanted done, so now it's just a waiting for baby game. I'm at that point.
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We are doing good here... 3 days till baby day!! It is a little surreal to think that most likely by this time Friday I will be holding my baby! Ack!! I'm still really bummed that DH won't be able to be here... but I am coming to terms with it. Luckily he should still be in the country so we can skype and stuff. Still sad he won't meet the little booger till he is like 6-8 months old tho. We have mostly just been trying to get last minute things done around here, like organizing and picking up little odds and ends that got lost when we moved.
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I'm just hanging out. 37 weeks. I probably have a while to go. My midwives made me stop working because my BP was getting higher. We still have a couple of things to buy, but we're pretty much ready. Just waiting now. It feels good to relax and be off work. I log in constantly now to see whose babies are here. So exciting!

Chely- so soon! How exciting!
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38 weeks today. I'm fine with still being pregnant but the "false labor" thing is driving me a little bonkers. I've been steadily losing the plug, though, so I think I must be dilating. I have started the evening contraction blitz, we will see if it goes anywhere tonight. ;-)
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I'm here-37 wks and 4 days...been crampy and lots of BH. really feeling ready, so hopefully this lil one will come soon! congrats to all the new mamas!
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I am 37 weeks and 2 days.

I have been having cramps all day for like two days now, but no real contractions. I don't really think I'm going to have any contractions before I am really having contractions. I keep thinking about what its going to be like going into labor without any aids, castor oil. Maybe with some kind of sleep the night before.

My son is acting like he knows something is about to change, he cries all the time and has been really acting up which is a challenge for the patience of a very pregnant very tired mama. Not to mention that last week everyone in our house had colds.

Oh a plus note I had my mother blessing this weekend and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It was so great I can't even explain it and I would suggest it if you have someone who would like to give you one.

After the blessing I posted a picture of my awesome belly henna on facebook and my MIL got really rude with me in the comments. First she said "It was really hurtful that I wasn't there considering that you wouldn't even have that belly if it wasn't for my son." Then she deleted that post and changed it to "Jane and I would have liked to participate. It's kind of hurtful to not be included in the special things especially as I am the grandma "

She is on a kick about being an evangelical christian right now, which I don't have any problems with, but I just don't believe that she would have been very accepting of the Mother Blessing ceremony. And it also might have let the cat out of the bag that I am pagan.

Just frustrating.
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All the mama's that are still waiting on their babes probably don't wanna hear this. My little Talia turned 3 weeks old today. Wow. How did that happen already. I can't get over how fast she is growing and how fast her personality is coming out. I love to hear her sigh when she is content and fuss when she is annoyed.

She is getting these cute little fat rolls on her now. She was so slim when I had her. It still amazes me that I can bring this life into the world and sustain it. This sounds corny, but I am still in awe of it all.
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I would love to hear what a Mother Blessing is and if there is a website that gives me more information on it!!!! Sounds great!! I'm glad you had a great time too. It's so comforting having it all go well.
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Harmony - That sounds like a tough situation! My kids have been pretty spazzy the past week too... and everyone has colds! I hope everyone is healthy soon
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Harmony, I can't believe your MIL said that! I wouldn't have invited her, either. In fact I didn't invite any of my inlaws to mine last weekend either. They are all catholic and would have been confused and probably wouldn't have liked it. Hopefully you can ignore the comment. Or delete it from your page. I would. Sounds like you might have the same issues once the baby is born of her wanting to be involved in every. single. thing. Sometimes I think I'm going to have that issue with my mom. She's all-consumed with this being her grandchild, not much concern for the fact that it's MY baby, it seems. I have to keep reminding her.

Southernmommie- it can be different for everyone but you can search Blessingway or Mother Blessing here on MDC and find good info. It has roots in Native American and pagan traditions. Mine specifically was to bless me into motherhood and a way to honor the passage of Maiden to Mother. This is what we did, but there aren't any rules:

Food (of course) and it was all round food.
House blessed with sage, salt and water
Everyone brought a poem about children or parenting
Everyone painted blessings and symbols on my belly, while my mom braided my hair
A cord was tied around my belly and then around each person's wrist. Then a blessing was said and positive energy was sent my way for the birth, then we cut the cord and everyone will wear their bracelets until our baby is born.
A candle was sent home with everyone to light when they hear the word that labor has started.
We then sat around and talked about baby stuff.
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That sounds amazing! Thanks.

Well, I started losing my plug yesterday. Which doesn't mean anything, but that the process has started. Lol.

We're at mid-week now. It's Wednesday. What does everyone have planned? Me? Walmart for more yarn. Maybe some doughnuts too. I've been craving them the past few days.
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I have 2 days to go... as in, this time Friday morning we will be at the hospital. I think I am still in denial about actually HAVING a baby! Today the big boys need their nails clipped and I should do some small stuff around the house. Tomorrow I have to do my pre-op stuff at the hospital and any last minute crap I think of. Have I mentioned it still hasn't quite sunk in that I am having a BABY?!?
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Nothing to big for me today, I have a midwife appt tonight and she will do my GBS swab. Really hoping I am not +, I was last time and the antibiotics where worse than labor most of the time.

I love donuts and cider this time of year and I would recommend if you have a Tim Hortons in your area they have these apple cinnamon donuts that are wonderful. I have had one almost every day for two weeks now.

As far as MIL goes. I just told her that it was really a 'friends' thing and I would love to spend some special time with her and her sister, my second mil, I suggested maybe we get a pedicure and have dinner or something and to let me know when was good for her.

She replied oh I just saw your mom was there, and I'm not really into pedicures.

She doesn't really want to hang out or make the effort she just wants to complain and play like she has big hurt feelings. She has all this resentment going on right now because we are doing a homebirth and she is sure we are killing our child by doing this and probably me as well. It's an ongoing thing with her, she complains but don't want anyone to fix it or change it because then she couldn't complain anymore.
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Oh I forgot to mention that I am getting a massage and adjustment tomorrow and a date night on friday and apple picking on saturday I'm so excited!!!!
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Originally Posted by TabithaB View Post
All the mama's that are still waiting on their babes probably don't wanna hear this. My little Talia turned 3 weeks old today. Wow. How did that happen already. I can't get over how fast she is growing and how fast her personality is coming out. I love to hear her sigh when she is content and fuss when she is annoyed.

She is getting these cute little fat rolls on her now. She was so slim when I had her. It still amazes me that I can bring this life into the world and sustain it. This sounds corny, but I am still in awe of it all.
I don't mind hearing new baby stories! Gets me excited to know whats right around the corner

I just past my due date :P I was late with DS too....should have known! I just keep wondering if I should just chill and go about my daily business, or if I should really be trying.....hmmm.....so far I have chosen just chill! Probably because last weekend was really tough for me....false labor, pulled round ligament, not a lot of sleep. Bleh.....woe is me right!
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i'm hanging in there! 39+ weeks with my twins. i posted this seperately but i cant believe they havent come yet.

i do feel so ready for them to come and want to get to this next step. at the same time, im not really doing anything to encourage it either. i get a ton of contractions (mild ones) at night, and ive been going to bed. that's what mw encourages to do. when i wake up to pee a few hours later, i am always sad that it didnt bring on real labor.

i should probably go on walks or try sex or something... but im not!! lol. i know they will come when they are ready.

last check cervix was 2-3/80% and baby a was engaged. so i know the contractions are doing something. my plug came out (tmi i know) a few days ago.
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mauri456- You've done an amazing job carrying those twins this far already. I don't blame you for not wanting to encourage them to come out. They'll come. That's how I am right now. I'm not walking, brings on harder braxton hicks. No sex, just don't want to deal with that. (Normally, during pg, I'm all about it. Just not this time.) Not doing any natural ways. Just chillin' and getting my house in order. It already is, but with 4 other kids, there is always a few toys and clothes hanging out on our floors and crumbs in the kitchen, dishes to be washed, clothes to be laundered. Just minor maintenance on this end. I'm really enjoying the relaxing time. I found a cool blog I've been reading through the past posts and knitting. I cook usually once a day and let the older kids fend for their snacks and such. Works for now.
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I feel......different today. Somethings different. I'm more achy and crampy but I'm not contracting. I had a big emotional breakdown last night, and that happened the day before I went into labour with DD too.... Have midwife appointment today
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Melly24 I had a total super emotional freakout (unrelated to the baby) 4-5 hours before my water broke this time... nak
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