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Midwifery Today conference in March/April 2011

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Is anyone going? It looks good

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Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just asked my mom if she's ok with having my kids 5 days in a row and she said OK! I won't be staying at the hotel... with my parents in Salem...
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I'll be there! Can't wait...it will be like one big reunion!!
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I am hoping to go but it will depend on clients.
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I might be going over for a day or two. I went the last time it was in Eugene, and meeting Gail Hart, Gloria Lemay, Ina May, Elizabeth Davis, etc was awesome!

I think I want to take the herbal workshop. Will depend on what subjects are covered in my workshop next week, and also when Karen Strange might be coming around again. I've got to budget for all the things I want to do in the coming year!

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I'm hoping to at least do the full day herb workshop but I may decide to do more. It's up in the air right now.
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I'll be there! Will be staying at the venue (Hilton) like I did last time. This time I'll be going up w/o family. 5 days is a long time to expect my kids and hubby to do the hotel thing.

If you *do* bring family, there's a wonderful waterpark (indoor and HUGE) close enough that the family can do that while you do the workshops each day. My boys had a very good time doing that.

Planning on keeping my calendar clean for the time surrounding the conference in order to make this happen. I'm *uber* excited

I'll probably do the Amtrak from Tacoma to Portland. The hotel is *just* around the block from the train station.
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I just got back from MANA in Nashville and am feeling inspired to attend another conference next year. This looks fabulous!
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Is anyone who's staying at the venue interested in splitting a room to save money? It would be great if we could get 2-3 of us together.
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I'll keep an eye on this thread because I know a girl wants to room with someone too. Maybe we could make a "roommate needed" post!

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I'm planning on going, but we'll have to see what our funds look like after the Holidays. We tend to go a bit over board with the gift giving
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I havn't been on these forums in a while, but I attended the last two that were held in Eugene and will be there for at least some of this one as well! It is a good idea to keep checking back at this thread as it gets close, I only live an hour away, but will likely stay on location for a night or maybe two as I really prefer that when at conferences I have found! So I may be looking to roomshare also.
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I'm thinking of going. I'm in Seattle & I'd love to carpool if anyone is interested!

Port Orchard CBE: thanks for the Amtrak idea. Will have to compare prices for driving vs Amtrak.
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I have a room reserved from Tuesday to Monday. I would love to have a few others girls stay with me to reduce my cost lol...feel free to email me


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Yep, I am going. I am very excited. I will be bringing my family with, we are coming from Minnesota and we are going to make a big trip out of it. Yay!

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I have a room for the whole conference and am still looking for people to crash in the room help reduce my costs.

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Just bumping the thread as I've decided to go for three days instead of one, and now need to decide what other classes to take, hmmmmm.  I'm no help on the room share though, as I think the husband wants to come with all the kidlets.


So, Shonda's all day herbal is a definite.  Laura, if you are going to be there, I'd like to chat you up a bit about choosing to remain unlicensed.

What other classes are you ladies definitely taking?



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I am going! Excited to learn and connect with others:)

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I will be there also for the Pre conference also!!!! I'm very excited.

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Are you still looking for a roomie?  I would love to be able to split the cost of a room.  carie@means2harvest.com

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