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breech twin A - 34 weeks

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I need advice and/or support.

I am currently 34 1/2 weeks with b/g twins. Twin A has been breech for a long time. I haven't tried any techniques other than inversions at home to turn him. I had a dr. appt today and we talked about routine c/s because Twin A presenting breech. I asked if she would consider letting me attempt a vag. delivery and she said she would consider it but she gave me a list of major risks, which in her opinion greatly outweighed any benefit of a vag. birth.
Risks as she noted were: fetal death to one or both twins, injury to one or both babies, asphyxia, limb injury, spinal cord injuries, risk of urgent anesthetic for mother (general as I am planning no epidural), and finally a risk of needing a c/s for 2nd baby after vag. delivery of 1st in case of insufficient dilation.

So now I'm left wondering how to think or feel. I am wondering if I should just resign myself to the c/s even though the thought of it terrifies my and causes me great stresss. Yet to consider a vag. birth with all of these risks makes me feel selfish and that I am only thinking of myself and not caring about my babies. I really just want a vag. birth as these will my 3rd and 4th babies I've had uncomplicated natural births so far and that is all I long for again. I am tired of feeling stressed out about how to get these babies to turn and don't know if I have energy to run around town trying homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic techniques, not having a guarantee they will work.

Advice?? Anyone in the same boat? Is my doctor off of her rocker with these risks or are they valid? Why is it so much riskier having twin A breech than just a singleton breech baby - which my dr. has no problem with.
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My understanding is that the risk is that the twins can "chin lock" a very uncommon problem, but a possibility nontheless. This would happen if twin a is breech and b is vertex and on baby a's way down, their chins sort of got stuck.

is this your first baby? Some docs are more comfortable with a breech birth in a "proven pelvis."

I know that the methods of turning a baby... accupuncture, etc take alot of research and running around. But, I'd imagine that once you're in the office, the accupuncture, chiro, etc would be quite relaxing. And the work on the other end- after a c/s wouldn't exactly be a walk in the park either. Just my 2 cents.... Some other things to consider- is there a doula or midwife in your area experienced with the rebozo? it can be very helpful in proper positioning of the baby. Many will offer you an "ala carte" session even if you are not working with her for your birth. Check out spinningbabies.com- there is some great info there.

Of course, you can have a beautiful, meaningful cesarean birth. A vaginal birth is not the only road to an amazing experience. I wish you peace as you make your decision!

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My Twin A was breech for a long time in my pregnancy as well. I had a C-section scheduled for 38.5 weeks. I didn't really know vaginal breech birth was an option till late in my pregnancy.

I developed pre-e at 37 weeks and was in early labor, so I had my C-section earlier than planned. Twin A had been frank breech for weeks and weeks, but by the time of the surgery, she'd rotated to transverse. I think she was turning and if we'd waited a bit, she'd have been vertex. My current OB, not my OB during my twin pregnancy, trained at a program where vaginal breech birth was the norm and she said her experience has been that babies often turn once labor starts.

So perhaps if you're more comfortable with a C-section than a vaginal breech birth, you could wait till labor starts, see where Twin A is and then do a C-section if s/he's still breech.

Good luck to you! It's not an easy decision.
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My babies turned a TON! They were in every possible combo. At about 35 weeks A settled to vertex. B was still all over. At about 37 weeks B flipped to vertex. I'm 39 weeks now and they have stayed that way. I just wanted to give you hope that the babies can turn.

For me, I had accepted that a breech baby A would be a c/s. My OB is fine with any position for B. However, I am sure there are people out there that birthed breech/breech twins. I'd trust your babies and intuition to guide you in the right direction.

Good luck.
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I also agree with waiting for labor.... that way even if it is a c-birth your babies can decide when to come and you will know the position they were in.
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