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Lands End Diaper Bag Backpack

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I had the Lands End Diaper Bag w/my first child and LOVED it! I see they now have a backpack and was wondering if anyone had used it. I was thinking a backpack style diaper bag would be handy w/2 little ones. My only real concern is that it's a bit smaller. Thoughts?
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I have an older LE diaper bag backpack and have hung onto it because it's so practical. We don't use it regularly because it's BIG - perhaps not the same one they have now. But I have always liked at least having the option of a backpack. The bag I got with #2 was convertible from shoulder bag to backpack and that was pretty ideal for me!
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Heather - Thanks for your response! The new LE backpack is actually convertible as well...may I ask what brand you have now? I do like the option of carrying it as a backpack OR shoulder bag.
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The one I got back then (6 years ago!) was a Fleurville style that I don't think they make anymore. I have seen some other brands with similar concepts, though.
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I have to share this - I followed this thread and looked into each type of bag mentioned and also did a search on here and the diaperswappers search forum under backpack and also saw that a Jeep diaperbag at WalMart (I know WM!) for $20 was really roomy. I thought the backpack style Land's End looked a little odd for me so I also went to REI as they are having a member sale with 20% off one item - I found a laptop bag called PacSafe ToteSafe 200 - originally priced for $89.95 and on sale for $35 plus a 20% discount. It looks really roomy inside and I have an extra strap at home I can place on it to make it into a sling type bag as well as a shoulder bag. I guess it pays to look around and that it does not have to be produced as a diaper bag per se!
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