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reasons NOT to give 14 month old flu shot???

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Why would you not give a 14 month old the flu shot ? Thanks
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Because it doesn't work.



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We don't do flu shots over here, but even if we regularly did them the fact that other countries are starting to ban them for children under the age of 5 because they don't consider this years version to be safe would be enough for me to refrain.
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Australia did ban this years flu shot (which we are now using) for the under 5's after a couple of toddler deaths and numerous under 5 hospitalizations. However, the most compelling evidence would be the Cochrane Review - an independent organization that reviews studies. They concluded that the studies on flu efficacy were 'optimistic' at best and included serious flaws. The most damning evidence was that for children under 2, the flu shot had no more than a placebo effect. Yet still, the CDC recommends it for 6 months and up. Go figure!
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Reasons? My reason is that I'm not afraid of the flu. We stay healthy in proactive ways. My kids are 8 and 16 and have never even had the flu. It just wouldn't even cross my mind to do it.
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none of us get flu shots, except my mom who always ends up getting the flu anyway.
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For the same reasons we don't give any other vaccines. I'd rather deal with an illness if it happens than risk hurting my healthy child with a powerful pharmaceutical drug that has known adverse reactions up to and including death.
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Because it doesn't work:

Because it is only recommended in children under 5 now so they use all the vaccines:

Because of what's in it:

Because vitamin d can help prevent the flu:


And because I'm not really scared of the flu. But mainly, because the shot doesn't work.
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