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Prevnar 13???

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Has anyone noticed a reaction to it ? Any advice on giving/not giving this vaccine?
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Whats the difference between Prevnar 13 and Prevnar?

We were doing selective vaxes (started w/just DTaPHib but added Prevnar to his 2nd and 3rd rounds) his 1st shot (just the DTaP) everything went fine (had a "normal" reaction), 2nd round temp that lasted a bit longer than just 24 hrs (like 48) and 3rd round had a reaction to the shots (as his ped said) with a temp of 103 on fever reducers for 5 days (and was lathargic, etc). His ped wants to lean to the Prevnar vax since "he did fine w/the DTaP and it got worse as time/shots went on" but I'm not convinced it was one over the other. (Hasn't had any vaxes since- we no longer trust them.)

I'll never do it again for any future los.
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the main argument against prevnar is serotype replacement. the original Prevnar included 7 strains of bugs that can cause illness (though most people carry these strains at any given time without harm). What was noticed after several years of using the vaccine (first noticed in Alaskan communities where there is a more closed community) was that another strain, 19a (not included in Prevnar 7) started causing illness where it didn't before and it turns out, 19A is antibiotic resistant. So...they invented Prevnar 13 which includes strain 19a and some others which were discovered to also cause illness. So what happens now? Now that they knock out 13 strains with Prevnar-13, which bugs will start causing illness that we don't yet know about? Nobody knows. There haven't been any longterm studies. Its in the CDC and ACIP notes that they will be looking for emerging strains as the vaccine is administered wide-scale. Its an experiment. Let's hope they don't unearth something even nastier by fiddling around with the natural viral and bacterial balance in everyone's body. At the very least, you can bet we will be looking at Prevnar-26 eventually, then Prevnar-32 and so on, and so on.....
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