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how did they get their waldorf doll hair to do that?

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i'm going to make a doll for my daughter. i have never done anything like this before and am not familiar with the hair options.

i want the doll to have short black curly hair. if i wanted to mimic the looks below, what fabric would i need to use. mind you, each link has a different look. i just haven't decided which one to go with. if you have any pros or cons for any material, i'd love your input.

thank you so much! i'm excited for her to have a doll that LOOKS LIKE HER!

like the 11-inch tall boys 4/5 of the way down the page?

like the black girl also 4/5 of the way down the page?

now i know this is curly mohair, but how did they get it to fuzz like that?

thanks again!
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Boucle yarn I think it is called that you'll want, though I don't know if I'm spelling that right. At least that's what the girl doll had. The boy dolls' hair in the first link is different though. That looks like the yarn has been twisted and sewed on some how. I don't know, when I made my son's doll, I just cut the yarn into equal lengths and started sewing it to the head in clumps. It ended up looking like crazy curly sticking up hair, quite like my son's actually, and now that the doll is aging, it is even starting to resemble his dreadlocks. I really need to learn how to put the hair on properly though. If anyone has any hair tips or videos to share...
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hi. i know this seems straightforward to more craft-minded mamas, but i'm still confused.


sweetpeppers, i went and had a look at boucle yarn at my local waldorf shop, and it did not seem to be like the air in any of the pics i posted :( . i'd really love to get going on making this doll for my daughter in time for x-mas.

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I'm at work and certain images are blocked here (with no rhyme or reason from what I can tell ;).  I could see the first pic, but not hte second.  The third one is just done as a crocheted cap with boucle yarn latched in.  Here is a link to an etsy shop with that kind of yarn.



You can see the yarn itself has little loops along it.


The top hair I have no idea how to do.  It seems like it would be difficult to me though.  Wish I could see the middle pic.


As an FYI, with my first doll, I did a crocheted cap and had to teach myself crochet.  I went with straight mohair, because I've heard its easier to crochet with.  I latched in the hair and had pieces of straight, pieces of boucle, and thicker dread-like pieces.  It was really cute.  So if you want short curly black hair, you could crochet a cap with straight black mohair and then latch in short pieces of black boucle yarn.  You could use the black boucle for both parts, but if you are not a crochet expert, I've heard its harder to work with.




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thank you for the additional input beth. now just waiting on my kit from weir to arrive.

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Joy (Joy's waldorf dolls) used to sell a "dreadlock" yarn for dolls.  she no longer carries it but you could email her and ask what type of yarn that was.  not the answer you were looking for but it may point you in the right dircetion.  I don't think the boucle yarn is the same.



look up "rasta" Yarn  that may be the one you are hoping to find.... ???

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