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Amazing homebirth slideshow, fast hypnobirth

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I have enjoyed reading so many birth stories posted here so i am happy to share mine!

Macy’s Birth Story June 22 2010

Short version:
Homebirth of my second daughter. Morning (about 8 hrs) of early labour, followed by twenty minutes of active labour. The surges/contractions just came on gradually, felt like menstrual cramps. In hindsight, great to be fast but it was quite intense! I never made it into the birth pool, it was only half full. I used Hypnobirthing the mongan method for the second time and can’t recommend it high enough. She was 7lbs3oz . Photography by Karen Edwards.

Super duper long version ‘the story’:

Macy was born at 41 weeks 2 days. I had a fabulous pregnancy. Looked great, felt great and was in no hurry for it to end, but I ended up waiting longer than I thought. My first daughter was born right at 40 weeks so I thought that Macy would come early. I finished work a month before my due date, and was ready by 38 weeks. Nothing happening except some Braxton hicks contractions. The birth pool was inflated and sat at the end of the bed just waiting for me to jump in. I spent lots of time with my 3 year old daughter Elaina and also did a lot of organizing and cleaning around the house. I was really looking forward to birthing again and was using my Hypnobirthing cd’s to prepare. My sister came to visit just before my due date and stayed a week. We thought the baby would be here before she arrived, then got excited about her attending the birth. We did tons of walking, hiked a mountain, ate pineapple & spices, acupuncture, attempt at a membrane sweep, and everything I knew to help progress labour. No action so after a tearful goodbye she flew back home when I was 41 weeks. Also at 41 weeks, my brother in laws wedding and my husband was supposed to be the best man! He missed it and I started regular contractions the next day. Wasn’t meant to be I guess! Every night I went to bed thinking that tonight would be the night I’d wake up in labour but then I’d wake up in the morning just the same. Disappointing but I knew enough to be thankful for a great night’s sleep!

Early Labour
That Sunday evening I noticed the BH coming regularly, about every 9 minutes. I got excited that maybe that night things would pick up..nope. On Monday the BH were fairly regular all day, about 1 minute long and 7-6 minutes apart. I was having some bloody show and knew this meant that the cervix was starting to dilate. I called the midwife Alyson after dinner that night telling her that I was having 1 minute long contractions, every 5 minutes, for over an hour but they were painless. I told her not to bother coming to check as I knew that if they didn’t hurt then they probably weren’t doing much. So that night I used my Hypnobirthing cd’s to sleep and woke every couple hours a bit. About 4 am I got up and walked around, used the ball, timed contractions then went back to bed. It is amazing how the intensity sneaks up on you, they ever so gradually got stronger but it was hard to notice the difference. It really does feel like menstrual cramps. Finally I was in bed at 6am and had to grab onto Greg during a surge, he woke up and called the midwife. I jumped in the shower to let the warm water release some tension. Aly the midwife arrived after breakfast to check me and I was starting to dilate but the cervix was very posterior and the baby’s head was very low in front of it. Things weren’t ‘lined up’ so this was slowing progression. She recommended hands and knees position and then left for a while. I spent time walking, hands and knees, and on the birth ball. I tried the Hypnobirthing but I couldn’t get into the breathing, it seemed to intensify the cervix pulling. I gripped on Greg and moaned during surges but knew that I was tensing up and this wasn’t the ‘best’ way to be dealing with the pain. It felt like I was resisting it, and in truth I was afraid for things to intensify. It was the turning point. I spoke with Aly on the phone and she suggested a homeopathic, so I took one dose of black cohosh. At the same time I realized that I should try a different Hypnobirthing track, I wish I had thought of that sooner! I put it on my portable cd player and knelt at the foot of the bed. It got me quite relaxed and I rested my head against the foot of the bed, just felt right to rest my head on the footboard. Aly called to say that she was coming back by 2pm to check me. I just kept hanging on until then, thinking that I could make it until 2. It gave me something to focus on. As the surges intensified I found it helpful to have a visualization to go with the breathing. What popped in my head was a red wave high above my head slowly making its way left to right bobbing along the water, me being deep below. I knew that when it arrived at the right side then the surge would be over. My friend Karen arrived to take photos and I remember telling her that she may want to take some pictures now and then come back later so I didn’t waste her time. She wisely decided to ignore me and wait until the midwife came to assess me.

Active Labour
Aly arrived about 2:45pm and listened to the baby’s heartbeat. I was at the foot of the bed and all smiley. I remember telling her that the ‘drugs are kicking in now’ meaning those good endorphins! She checked me and I was 5 cm and the cervix was aligned right over the baby, with a bulging bag of water. So I was ‘in labour’, she was staying, and we could fill up the birth pool! I was sooooo happy to hear it, she was like an angel delivering a message from god. I could not have been happier at that point! She left the room to tell Greg the good news while I had 3 intense surges back to back on the bed. I made my way out to the living room to ride the waves while Greg prepared the pool. I was so looking forward to the pool because I remembered how amazing it felt to get in during my first daughter’s birth. He got the hose hooked up and started filling it up. In the living room I got a pillow to kneel on and continued with my Hypnobirthing tracks. I remember thinking at this point that I should have a chux pad under me as my water hadn’t broken yet and I love that pillow, but I was too ‘deep’ to vocalize it. The midwife was on the couch starting her paperwork. I was silent during these very intense surges as I was so relaxed. I had 2 surges this way and then one with an extra intensity at the end, I almost whimpered. Then the next one was a super long very intense force of the world surge and I felt movement ‘fly’ down the birth canal. I made an involuntary wild animal cry/groan with a load pushy grunt at the end. Aly jumped off the couch asking me what was happening, she got no response as it was not possible to put it into words! Greg dropped the hose in the pool and came running with Karen. He knelt at my head and told me to breathe (which was very helpful for real!). Another huge surge came and the baby crowned and I guess my water broke at this point.

The feeling of the baby being pushed down is indescribable, but kind up like throwing up the other way. Totally involuntary and no control. Somehow Aly had called the back up midwife, spread chux everywhere, set out her equipment, took off my undies, and put on gloves in the span of seconds. I guess all midwives have lightening fast reflexes! The crowning sensation was very intense, ring of fire as many say. I got scared here and apparently asked for help and if I could get in the pool. I still had my headphones on so I pulled them out. I tried my best to slow the pushing and breathe so that I could stretch. The head felt huge and I was scared of a big baby because I was so overdue. I could have had her out in one push but I tried to ease her out and so it took a few minutes. I felt the head come out and so looked between my legs and saw the head hanging down. Then she was born and Aly unwrapped the cord and passed her though my legs. There was a bit of yellow meconium in the water. I grabbed her and held her against me, someone then took my shirt off so I could have her next to my chest. We all looked at once to check the sex and I felt myself saying it's a girl just as we were opening the blanket to have a peek. I was so happy! I was hoping for another girl. So to recap, active labour was 20 mins, ‘pushing’ 10 mins, Macy born at 3:36pm. The midwife had only been here for less than an hour! The urge to push and the crowning sensations were so intense compared to Elaina’s waterbirth, now I know what those really feel like!
I was supported to move to the couch where Macy had a good cry. I told her that is was okay to cry, it was scary! Must have been intense for her too. The other midwife arrived with a big grin on her face. I felt like I was in shock a bit, still trying to breathe. It all happened so fast and so intense that I think my brain took a few hours to catch up. Greg gave me some rescue remedy Bach flower to help. He cut the cord and we waited for the placenta, took about 30 minutes. I had to sit on the birthing stool and push a bit. The placenta was unique as it was a battledore velamentous insertion, the midwives gawked at it for a long time. Macy cried a lot I sang twinkle twinkle little star and she calmed a bit.

I was tucked into bed with Macy and we began breastfeeding, she had such a strong suck it made me gasp! Macy nursed for hours that night. She had her newborn exam and was weighed. 7lbs3oz, wow a peanut! Then my mom came home with Elaina as they had been out playing. She came into bed and kissed and cuddled the baby, she was so happy to have a sister. Such a sweet moment!
I am still high from the birth, and I get an adrenaline rush every time I think about it. It was awesome in the truest sense of the word.
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awesome slideshow! thanks for sharing. many congratulations!
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Oh my gosh, crazy pregnancy hormones had me bawling into my cereal while I watched that. You're beautiful, mama!
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wonderful pictures. My 2 favorites were 1. A close up of dad with a tear at the end of his nose and 2. near the end, a close up of the cat like he was saying "yeah, I stuck by her through all of this to comfort her, aren't I a good kitty?" LOVE IT
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Originally Posted by macandcheese View Post
Oh my gosh, crazy pregnancy hormones had me bawling. You're beautiful, mama!
This. Thanks for sharing! <3
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Originally Posted by misidawnrn View Post
wonderful pictures. My 2 favorites were 1. A close up of dad with a tear at the end of his nose and 2. near the end, a close up of the cat like he was saying "yeah, I stuck by her through all of this to comfort her, aren't I a good kitty?" LOVE IT
i did not remember him crying! i was so surprised and touched to see that tear. i have no idea how the photographer managed to get all those moments. and i didn't even know that my cat was following me around. i love her even more now.

i have been telling family and friends to get their tissues before viewing it and some think i'm joking until they start bawling too.

thanks for watching! share it with all the preggos you know.
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Lovely, lovely slideshow. And yes...I caught that tear too and was so touched. I remember my husband crying when both of our sons were earthside. The photos with your older daughter are sweet and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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Beautiful birth and story!
I love the slideshow, especially the ones with your cat by your side.
I had 2 doula dogs myself...although they ran away when things got rough!

Awesome and thank you for sharing!
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BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! It's funny how the actual birth may not go the exact route you planned, I thought I would always want to labor in the tub but most of the time, I just wanted to be on all fours head down just like you were in your photos! Congrats
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Beautiful!!! I love hypnobirthing!!!!
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Beautiful photos, beautiful family! Congratulations!
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congrats! you all look great!
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Perhaps because I am a student...but the pic of your midwife holding baby to your chest and virtually hugging you from behind....brought tears to my eyes....

a beautiful slideshow! Great job mama! Have a bliss filled babymoon with that sweetie pie!
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thanks for giving me a reason to cry today! felt good!
congratulations mama!
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Originally Posted by Crispie View Post
Perhaps because I am a student...but the pic of your midwife holding baby to your chest and virtually hugging you from behind....brought tears to my eyes....

a beautiful slideshow! Great job mama! Have a bliss filled babymoon with that sweetie pie!
you know i really don't know how she did that so seamlessly, i was barely aware of her touching the baby. amazing how midwives can do such great work in almost any position. congrats on your training! how exciting!
the brunette that was smiling and hugging the midwife at the couch was the back up midwife, she didn't make the birth but it was close!
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awesome story and slideshow mama! Thank you so much for sharing
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friggin AMAZING. love it. i have forwarded this along to others. congrats to you - and thank you for sharing this.
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